Playful Life with Kids Rock-a-By-Mama: Mothers Pursuing their Passion 1

Rock-A-By-Mama: Mothers Pursuing their Passion

Last Thursday, May 9, I attended the ProMama Rock-A-By-Mama Event at the Lazada Headquarters. It was also in that event

How to Create Moments with our Mama

Mother’s day is done. I’m sure most of you spent it with your mom’s last Sunday with them. But how

Playful Life with Kids Benefits of Arts in Children 2

Benefits of Arts in Children

Are you aware of the benefits of arts in children? I am sure your child or children have a box

Playful Life with Kids When it's Okay not to be Okay 2

When it’s OK NOT to be OK

When is it OK not to be ok? I have been meaning to write about this for a long time.

Playful Life with Kids John Lloyd Back with Turks 3

John Lloyd Cruz Back with Turks

John Lloyd back with Turks! One of the activities I love doing when I have my “me-time play time” is

Playful Life with Kids Flour Handprint Decor 1

Flour Handprint Decor

Finally, my last post for our FLOUR Series for the month of March. For our fifth activity, we have the

Playful Life with Kids Easy Playdough Recipe 1

Easy Playdough Recipe

Play dough is one of the toys that every child should be able to play with. It is very versatile

Playful Life with Kids DIY Moon Sand Sensory Tray 1

DIY: Moon Sand Sensory Tray

Flour is really a versatile kitchen ingredient that you can use to teach and play. One of my favorite DIY

Playful Life with Kids Teaching Using Flour Spelling Tray 1

Teaching using Flour Spelling Tray

Teaching using Flour Spelling tray is our first activity to start the March Play Challenge. So, we needed to make

Playful Life with Kids DIY Kid-Friendly Paint Using Flour 1

DIY: Kid-Friendly Paint using Flour

Hello April! Have you noticed how fast the days and weeks go by? Well, we have! It seems that there

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