How to Teach colors to Toddlers using Megablocks Playful Life with Kids 1

How to Teach Colors to your Toddlers using Megablocks

This blog post first appeared in my other site but I wanted to share this to all of you here again. You might wonder how to teach colors to your

Duck Day Manila 2019 Playful Life with Kids 1

Duck Day Manila 2019

One of this year’s grandest product launch happened last September 10, Tuesday at Conrad Hotel and Resort, Manila. Duck Day Manila is a collaboration between Donny’s Choice and BR Group

Clean Space, Clear Mind: How to be Productive at Home with Mia Maison Home Fragrances 2

Clean Space, Clear Mind: How to Be Productive at Home with Mia Maison Fragrances

Being productive at home can sometimes be challenging. Having a small home requires that we have a clean space all the time. My productivity depends on how cluttered or clean

Fecal Statis in Children: Causes, Symptoms, and Prevention Playful Life with Kids 1

Fecal Statis in Children: Causes, Symptoms, and Prevention

Have you ever heard of Fecal Statis in children? I haven’t before Enzo got it last August. Our hospital ordeal last August.. It only started with a tummy ache after

It’s almost a month since I started working in the learning library. One of the programs we have is the Wika’y galling program that exposes students to the Filipino language, grammar, and literature. But here’s some reasons why you need to read Filipino literature to your children more than just the grammar and language. It shows our own culture and community. Many children nowadays are exposed to foreign literature which somehow introduces them to a different culture. Reading Filipino literature makes it easier to understand the community where one actually belong to. Stories like Araw sa Palengke, Anong gupit natin ngayon? Kas ang kaskaserong Bus. History and Identity. Alamat, Supremo, Filipino literature shows our country’s values. There are words that do not have a direct translation to the English language. This means that its meaning can only be fully understood in our own language. Likewise, our values as Filipinos usually have a different meaning to that of the other countries. In as much as we would want to translate Filipino values to the English language it does not fully explain its meaning. This is why as we read more Filipino literature to our children, the more that they can also imbibe values that are innately ours. Filipino literature shows love for family, respect for elders, and care for the environment. Keyk Paakyat ng Langit, Gusto ko nang lumaki Current Social Issues: Pilong patago tago, Nemo ang batang papel As we modernize and compete globally, there are times that we compromise our own language and identity as Filipinos. Children nowadays are easily exposed to foreign movies, cartoons, and literature. These abundance places our Filipino movies, cartoons, and literature at the backseat. Although, it is amazing to hear little children speaking fluently in English, the decline of children fluent in our own language is alarming. We should realize that the language is not the only one declining but more so the values of our nation. One way of keeping our country’s identity, history, culture, and values is thru the use of the language, literature, and

Why you need to read Filipino literature to your children?

Today, I’ll be sharing top reasons why you need to read Filipino literature to your children. A little something about myself is that I advocate for the Philippines. I love

Playful Life with Kids Tips to Start a Family Wellness Routine 5

Tips to Start a Family Wellness Routine

I’ll be sharing with you some of our tips to start a family wellness routine that we tried last month of June. Do you and your family have a wellness routine?

Playful Life with Kids How to Encourage Active Play in Children 1

How to Encourage Active Play in our Children

In the age of gadgets, and technology how do you encourage active play in your children? Discussions about screen time use and how children nowadays are very much hooked on

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Valuable Life Lessons of 2019

Valuable Life Lessons of 2019 in May? I know you might be thinking that an article about valuable life lessons of 2019 article is too early. Actually, this is more

Playful Life with Kids Rock-a-By-Mama: Mothers Pursuing their Passion 1

Rock-A-By-Mama: Mothers Pursuing their Passion

Last Thursday, May 9, I attended the ProMama Rock-A-By-Mama Event at the Lazada Headquarters. It was also in that event that I met mothers pursuing their passion for music. These

How to Create Moments with our Mama

Mother’s day is done. I’m sure most of you spent it with your mom’s last Sunday with them. But how do we create moments with our mama every day even