Playful Life with Kids Beginnings

Playful Life with Kids Beginning 1

Hello there, Playmates!

Okay, so having a little ball of energy for a toddler, I find myself hanging out at playgrounds and kid-friendly places most of the time. Whenever I watch little E play there’s always a new story or a new joke or a new milestone for him and well, for me too! I realized life is much like a playground. Sometimes, you arrive there all alone, thinking “Yes! I got the whole place to myself!” You start playing and then people start coming along. Some with a friendly attitude and would say “Hi!” to you and gain an instant friend. While there are also some who would not even notice you and just play by themselves.

But every time I go to the playground with little E, I always learn a new thing or two about him and other people. I learn to just let him go at times, but be there at all times. I realized this is my life, this is my journey, this is my playground.

So welcome to my playful life with kids. Yes, you read that right, kidSSSS. Though I only have little E as of the moment we plan to have more little ones, so I was kinda forward-looking with the title. hihi! This is my playground and you’ll hear a lot of our family stories here from taking care of toddlers, to maintaining a healthy married life, to anything under the sun that will help us in our family life and child development.

Hop on and see you on our playdates!!!

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