Played and Tested: Hugger Dino Black Bag

Hi, playmates! Today on Played and Tested is Hugger Dino Black Bag I got from Baby Company in Glorietta. Been using it since December last year and I only got the chance to share my thoughts about it. I think I got ample time to have played and tested it, right?
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Hugger Dino Black Bag is a product of Hugger UK and distributed here in the Philippines by Baby Company PH. Its size is suitable for toddlers like Little E and its lightweight material definitely makes this product kid and mom-approved. Hugger Dino Black Bag is a product under the Hugger Tippie Toes collection. The Tippie Toes collection is made especially for travelling toddlers. It has a detachable child rein which is a plus point for moms or dads who can’t keep their toddlers still. Haha! It also has a secure chest strap that made it safer for our children because it’s anti-choke and the shoulder straps doesn’t slide on their tiny arms.
The Hugger Dino Black Bag has a mini compartment but sadly it does not have a front and side pockets. They have another version with a front and side pocket but it was out of our budget so we had to buy the small one. The Dino design was a hit with Little E because his current favorite were Dinosaurs when we bought it. I also loved the idea of having a child rein but it was a little difficult for us to use because he tends to run to fast and I get dragged on. It also felt like he was on a leash so we decided not to use it anymore. Inside the bag we can fit his milk bottle, a shirt, a diaper and some of his toiletries. What’s even more exciting about the bag is that whenever Little E uses it he feels a Bigger boy than he is which is so adorable. The bag can also fit some of his toys and pens when we choose to bring his bigger diaper bag to travel. We have used the bag travelling to Davao, Hong Kong, and just about everywhere we go.

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The Little E with his Hugger Dino Black Bag at a Music Record Store

Jho PlayfullifewithKidsPlayed and Tested Hugger Dino Black Bag3

Little E with his Hugger Dino Black Bag in MongKok

The Hugger Dino Black Bag is also easy to clean and air dry so everytime we need to clean it, its just a breeze. So after playing and testing this bag we give it a three thumbs up from our family. You can get yours at Baby Company Stores in all SM malls.

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