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I was so fortunate to join last Saturday’s Good Housekeeping Mums of Manila event in SM Mall of Asia. When I got the invite I got pretty excited because of the workshops and stores. Well, I wasn’t disappointed in the event, although I came a little late cause I came from class. Fortunately, I was still able to listen to the last workshop on Calligraphy, taught by a professional teacher and calligraphy artist Paola Esteron and was accompanied by Staff Writer  Nicole Sindiong.

Just a little bit about the event before I drown you about the calligraphy workshop. hihihi!

In celebration of Good Housekeeping’s 18th anniversary, Mums of Manila is Good Housekeeping Philippines’ way of interacting with their readers and supporters. MUMS stand for Modern Urban Moms, which is a perfect fit for me!! Mums of Manila is a whole day event where moms can Shop, Learn, and Enjoy themselves.


Thirty concessionaires were present covering different products on beauty and wellness, food, kids, and home.


A series of workshops and talks were especially curated for the modern urban moms conducted by experts in their fields. The talks were for moms who’d love to look fab and stylish while doing the usual Mommy stuff and more. Talks on styling and beauty by Elaine Natividad, Beauty and Features Editor of Good Housekeeping and Lancome PH Ambassador for Make-Up Ara Fernando focus on topics about “10 Ways to Style your Scarf” and “Basic Brow Masterclass”. Both of which are easy and quick ways to keep Moms’ style and beauty in place. Another talks was about keeping the house clean, neat and organized, the “Say Goodbye to Kalat” is an guide to moms’ usual problems of clutter in the house by staying organized conducted by the Eidtor-in Chief Tisha. Food and health is also a priority for moms so the talk and workshop on food, health, and wellness was a must attend workshop during the event. Managing Editor, Angela Constantino talked about simple physical exercises that moms can do at home and some everyday fitness by Anika Ventura the professional travel and lifestyle writer and editor of Good Housekeeping. It was followed by a talk on food and health hacks which is something meaningful for busy moms wanting to provide nutritious food for the family. It was conducted by Roselle Miranda, Good Housekeeping’s Food Editor. Lastly, a hobby worth considering for moms was the last workshop, which was the calligraphy. Sorry I already gave you the information about it earlier. haha!


Lastly, ENJOY!

The event was raining raffles, giveaways, and freebies from the concessionaires which made the event even more exciting. Aside from the giveaways, mommies also took home some samples from the different concessionaires and join workshops all for free. Not to mention being with a group of people who have the same problems, challenges, and happiness as a mom. Now everything is more bearable because we moms know that there are other people who share the same experience and struggle with us. It also is great to know that Good Housekeeping PH is always there ready to support, guide, teach, and cheers us modern urban moms!


Playful Moms making a wacky shot at the Photobooth Station.

So now’s the time for me to share with you what the calligraphy workshop is about. Well I have been meaning to attend workshops on it because I remember doing it in high school and owning some speedball books. Though I really was not able to do the real thing (I did it manually, without the use of brushes just ball points, it’s really difficult to explain haha) so the workshop really got me listening!:)
Okay, so I eagerly and attentively listened to the calligraphy workshop by Paola Esteron.  Good thing, I was able to join in on the last workshop. So we were given the basics of calligraphy which I did not have any idea about. Now, I know the principles and techniques to use as a beginner calligraphy artist. There were about eight basic techniques taught and it is sufficient for a newbie like me. I also made sure to take some notes while listening and went straight to borrow me some calligraphy brush pens from a friend. Calligraphy can be a relaxing hobby moms can consider doing. A mom like me needs to have a little amount of quiet time every day just to relax or recharge and calligraphy can do just that, quiet time, relaxation, and creativity. It was also mentioned that with practice and months of training, it can also be a source of added income not to mention added skills on any individual. Like Paola, she started as a hobbyist then doing it for friends’ events and eventually getting gigs for her skills. Isn’t that amazing, doing something you love that unleashes your creativity and earning at the same time.
Participants participating in a calligraphy class by Staff Writer Nicole Sindiong, together with calligraphy artist Paola Esteron

Calligraphy workshop participants. Photo courtesy of Good Housekeeping.


Practice calligraphy and reading Good Housekeeping’s June issue

So thank you, Good Housekeeping, for Mums of Manila event that you gave every Mother out there to learn, shop, and enjoy. The event was also a way to reconnect with fellow moms, like what I did with other mommy blogger friends I have. Meet new and like-minded people, and discover what’s new and what’s hot in the Metro.
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    Jo now ko lng nakita to gusto maiyak hahaha charot !!! Feelingera ako dito sa picture , thanks sa pagbukAs mo ng pinto sa akin . super love kita

    1. Nako wala yun, tulungan lang tayo lahat. Saka the more mommies blog the happier the community!:) see you soon sa events!:)

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