Mom Stories: The Day my son GOT PETRIFIED!

Okay! I know you have watched the trailers, and have seen photos, and articles about Conjuring 2 this past week, right? Well, this has nothing to do with the movie. Don’t think I made my little two year old boy watched the movie and got him petrified. That’s not the deal here, okay? Cause if it was I don’t know if I can even write to post and share it with you.
But what got my son petrified last two weeks is still a mystery to me. Let me share with you a story:
Remember when I posted a photo of this:
As soon as we got home, we noticed Enzo’s temperature shoot up. It was immediate as he did not have any fever, coughs or colds before we had dinner. We thought it was just because of changes in the weather and we did not bother to give him any medicine wishing it would go away that night too. Much to our dismay, his fever shoot up to 38.9 that night but we weren’t able to give him medicine as he was asleep very soundly. What happened next were beyond my belief.
In the middle of the night he woke up screaming “Ayaw ko na, ayaw ko sama!” while pointing to our balcony door. Hubby and I knew he was just dreaming but his shouting and pointing was already making me a little scared. Hubby tried to switch on the lights but Enzo insisted to keep the lights off. He went back to sleep but after a few minutes shouted and screamed again while pointing to our balcony door and window. Hubby closed the curtains which calmed Enzo down and he fell asleep until the morning.
Saturday morning came, and he was well without fever. It was such a relief but we gave him paracetamol just to make sure he won’t get sick. His entire day was a normal day, played with toys, ate his meals, and was feeling healthy. Right after work, I went straight home, and was happy to find him without fever and feeling active. But at about 6:00pm, his temperature went up high again, and he was shivering every  time he wakes up from his sleep. I gave him paracetamol again and made him rest for awhile because his fever was rising abruptly.  Then night time came, and the petrifying thing happened. He woke up shaking, pointing to something beside him, his eyes were circling around us, as if not recognizing our faces. I was thinking “nagdedeliryo na ata siya” But believe when I say it wasn’t deliryo, my son was scared, he was scared by something unseen to our eyes. Then his dad carried him because he was shaking really hard and he was saying “Ayoko na, tama na ako.” What made me really scared was when he said, “Ang laki, laki! Ayaw ko sama!” More than the fear I felt, I was mad. This was my son aNd I will never let anyone or anything take him away from me. That was when my hubby took our Novena from our altar and plaved it near Enzo, we hugged him and lied down with the lights switch on. While lying down, I was praying really hard and was repeating in my head “MY FAITH IS STRONGER THAN YOU”. I knew my only weapon was my faith and my God, if it was really something else, my prayers were the only answer. After a few minutes, Enzo woke up again petrified as if something was beside him, he got the blanket and put it all over himself, I shouted, Anu bay an! I was mad at the unseen, then I got the medallion of St. Benedict and placed it in Enzo’s shirt. That then made him sleep all throughout the night. I kept praying and praying while holding Enzo and my husband’s hand. This was our family’s fight and I am ready to give everything to protect my son.
That was when we realized we had to bring him to a “mangtatawas.” Morning came, and we directly went to hubby’s house in Pasay, and found a mangtatawas. It was my first time to see such ritual, and at first I was really skeptic. Does not believe in those things maybe because I am scared, haha! But as soon as Manang held Enzo’s feet she quickly said, “Nakatuwaan ito.” Then surprisingly, he perspired and his temperature went down a little. I was still skeptic at this point, as I was thinking in my mind that this might be just a coincidence. Then the ritual started, with three candles, mineral water, a spoon and a lighter. Manang sliced one of the candle, and lit up the other two. She placed the sliced wax on the spoon and heated it with the candle. Then she placed it near Enzo’s shirt. That was when she said, “ayan oh, tignan mo” (there, look at it) Hubby looked at it and saw his surprised face upon seeing the smoke, he said it formed a face, an old woman’s face. I responded with “Seryoso?” (Seriously!) I’d say I was feeling a little more of a believer than a skeptic at this point. Then the ritual continued, placing the wax on the candles whispering some prayers or rituals and placing the melted wax in water, waiting for it to form a figure. From my perspective, it formed nothing but as soon as Manang showed it I literally saw a bird and an old woman’s face on the wax. Then Manang again prayed or whispered some incantations and asked Enzo “Lumayas na sila?” then Enzo answered, “Oo”. That was when I knew Enzo was seeing something I cannot see. I knew Enzo would not answer anything if he does not understand it. Then we went home and his temperature went back to normal. It was like he wasn’t sick at all. In tagalong, parang nagdahilan lang. We made him drink paracetamol still so we don’t compromise his health. After his afternoon nap, he woke up ate dinner and went back to sleep. Then as the night comes, I was worried he’d be waking up again and I told myself I’ll bring him to the hospital as soon as it happens. Luckily, and with God’s healing hands he slept smoothly through the night until the following day.
I don’t know if you’ll believe my story or not. Or if there are other explanation for this but what I am sure of is I will do everything to make sure my little boy gets well even if it means bringing him to a “magtatawas” or alternative medicine. Just to be sure too, we always put his St. Benedict Medallion to protect him in everything, may it be with sickness, or illness, or those unseen. I also thank God and it was a reminder to always pray to God for protection and guidance for our family especially Enzo.
This story sure is one for the keeps, and my first time to experience as a Mom. I sure pray this will be his last too! I just thank God that he protected our family against anything and everything.

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23 thoughts on “Mom Stories: The Day my son GOT PETRIFIED!”

  1. Oh my, I’m a believer of the paranormal and this happened to me and my siblings a lot when we were younger. The “manggagamot” said, it’s because of the bayabas tree at the back of our house but yeah, you’re right our faith in the Lord must be stronger – that’s how we prevent elements like them from entering our world. I’m glad Enzo is now okay. You just let him keep the St. Benedict necklace.

    1. Nako, didn’t realize na a lot of people believe these things happen. kala ko weird at ndi kapanipaniwala. I’ll buy a necklace nga next time kasi nakapin lang yun sakanya eh

  2. Kim Reyes says:

    I don’t want to believe this, but when it happened to me, I knew there are really things we cannot explain in this world. I never went to a “mangtatawas” but having Mother Mary’s Medallion near me helped keep them away.

    1. HAy nako same with me, didn’t really believe it pero iba pala pag naranasan mo na.

  3. Jackie says:

    Oh my gosh this was sooo scary! I couldn’t help but be scared myself! I am glad that your son is okay! Oh my gosh ano yun may matanda at ibon sa wax…hala!! Katakot!!
    I hope di na talaga maulit. Scary 🙁

    1. Sana talaga di na maulit. Some people advice us to make him wear red pag aalis or keep the medallion para daw hindi nababati.

      1. Jackie says:

        Huhu kilabot a sis. Thanks for sharing 🙁

  4. I’m fairly familiar with situations like this because my late Lola Ebeng was a manggagamot. I used to watch her before. Among all of her more than 20 grandchildren, Lola used tell me she’ll teach me in time or that she’ll pass on that gift to me. I didn’t turn out to be like Lola but I see people and events in my dreams.

    1. Oh my, really Mommy Joy? From what province kayo. Grabe it means totoo talaga yung mga paranormal.

  5. Sorry to hear that happen to Enzo. 🙁 I’ve never experienced anything like this happen to our family and I hope I never will. So scary!

    1. Nako praying it wont happen to us again too.

  6. Cheanne says:

    Oh my, that is a super scary experience! My nephew kept getting sick at a time also. He wasn’t cured until he went to a manggagamot like that. My brother also, when he was in college, for a time just kept sleeping the whole day. We took him to an albolaryo and was said that he was made kulam on. It’s hard not to believe in it because they do get out of the spell right after the albolaryo perform their stuffs. I wonder though if the albolaryos are able to pass on their skills to the younger generation.

    1. Hay kaya nga I think the albularyos should still pass it on to the young generation kasi kailangan pa rin talaga kahit modern tech na.

  7. Scary! I grew up in the province and from time to time experience unexplained fever or chills with my kids. It’s really surprising that once the mangtatawas does their ritual, parang naglalaho lang sa bula yung nararamdaman. I got scared while reading as I’ve never experienced intense fear from a child for the unseen. Just continue praying for safety and God will always protect you.

    1. Yes, amazingly may powers talaga sila.

  8. wifeymommyrn says:

    Goodness! this is one scary experience. I’ve had experiences like this too when I was young so we set up a mini altar inside the room to protect us from the unseen. I’m glad your son and your family is okay now.

    1. Thanks! Buti nalang talaga naging safe din kami. We also made a small altar in our room to protect us din.

  9. Maan Laxa says:

    Wow that was a scary experience. I’m glad I’m reading it before dinnertime! Evil spirits do exist in this world, but our faith tells us that God is our ultimate protection. They tremble upon hearing Jesus’ name!

    1. Yes, and my faith is stronger than any of them. 🙂

  10. Oh, wow! I don’t believe in such but nakakatakot nga! Sa amin naman, we believe in hilot. Hehe.

    1. I also believe in hilot. lagi kasing napipilayan yung baby ko, and ganun din pag pinahilot gumagaling

  11. Ayi Anigan says:

    This one is scary. I wasn’t a believer too, until it happened to my brother when he was still a baby. Like your son, he is always sick at a certain time of the day and kept crying at night. My lola told my mom to bring him sa mangtatawas and believe it or not, it worked and he was fine since then. Indeed, there are some things we can’t explain, but at the end of the day, our faith is still stronger 🙂

    1. Diba? Mapapaniwala ka talaga kahit ndi ka believer. Wala naman mawawala if we beleive and do precautionary measures diba

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