Book of the Month: Hide and Seek Things that Go by DK Publishing

To add some new flavor to the blog, I’ll be sharing with you the little boy’s favorite book each month. Just so you know, I am a book lover and I wish to make my son have that love for books as well. Since he was a little boy reading books ans buying books were part of our family routine. We even brought books everywhere and find the time to read them anywhere anytime. Its pay off now is that Enzo has included reading books in his daily routines and enjoys going to bookstores especially booksale. Hihi!
So for our first book of the month, we present to you Dk’s Hide and Seek: Things that Go. This book is extra special because Enzo chose it for himself in National Bookstore. Right now his interest is into different vehicles and this is just the perfect book to satisfy his curiosity.
Hide and Seek Things that Go Description in Amazon:

Filled with pictures to explore and study, Hide and Seek :Things that Go covers the exciting world of vehicles on the road, in the air, on water, and on tracks. Children will delight in hunting through the pages for cars, trucks, tractors, diggers, planes, trains and more -returning to the book time and again as they try to spot all the different images.

We got ours at National Bookstore in Harrison Plaza. It was an unintended purchase becaues the little boy did not want to let go of it after reading it inside the store. Hihi we often do that in bookstores and not purchase anything haha! He got all excited upon seeing and reading the book so I couldn’t resist buying it. I’d say it is a great purchase cause Enzo learned new vocabularies and topics regarding vehicles and all things that go.
Here’s a sneak peek to the book so you’ll have an idea of its content.

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What I love about the book:

Enzo chose the book: How can I not love a book my little boy prefers and enjoys, right?

It is an interactive book as in its title, Hide and Seek. My little toddler enjoys looking for pictures he already knows and it also gives me an opportunity to teach him new words and topics.

It has different activities and games which can is appropriate for different age group. Parents can create different games that can suit their children’s stage and age.

Pictures are very detailed, and colorful. Each picture and page opens up a lot of opportunity for exploration and learning. In example, the fire station and truck can teach the child different parts of the station and the vehicle.

The best part of it is that I have a toddler that learns and absorbs a lot of vocabulary and words and it aides me in teaching him. I also admit to learning more because of the book.

I love its hard bound cover and shiny pages although it easily tears. Maybe because my little boy is such an active reader. By active means he really gets into the book, and looks into it closely.

So far, I don’t have a hate part of the book as it addresses my toddler’s interest and development as of now. I also notice him discovering new learning every time he opens up the book. It also keeps him busy for a long time which is a great help for someone who doesn’t have a nanny. hihi. He can also relate his toys to his book and what he sees outside the home with his book. I’d say its really his favorite book for the month. You can purchase the book in National Bookstore for Php199.00 not so bad, in my opinion.

And because we’re starting this new series on the blog, please please suggest books we can try or you would want us to try too!:)

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