Healthy Oral Hygiene for Toddlers

Having good oral hygiene should start early on in children. Having nieces and nephews before I had my son, Enzo made me learn the importance of keeping toddlers’ teeth healthy and clean. For a bottle user like us, the tendency for Enzo to have “bulok” teeth is higher because he would drink milk even when he is asleep and we did not have a chance to brush his teeth anymore. Having these knowledge made me take more precautionary measures to ensure he’d still have complete teeth until he loses his milk teeth.
Here are some of our oral hygiene routines from when he was still 0 year old until now that he’s turning three:
1. Use finger toothbrush early in infancy. We used Sansfluo and made sure his gums were free of milk residue.
2. Make them drink lots of water to clean mouth and tongue removing milk to stay in the mouth that can cause cavities.

3. Make brushing fun. Sing songs while brushing so that the child can associate brushing into something fun. They’ll look forward to it because it brings them happiness.
4. Brush together. As a family, we brush together so Enzo would imitate and associate brushing as a family experience. It is also a way to teach them how to properly brush their own teeth.
5. As Enzo grows, it becomes a little difficult to convince him to brush his teeth so when he’s not in the mood, we call unto his furry and stuffed toy pals. Wayne and Patrick Star is his favorite brushing companion.

6. Follow up with Sansfluo Xylitol swab or wipes to clean those hard to reach areas and to remove stains that your kid can’t reach.
7. Be good oral hygiene models to your child. When they see that you as a parent brushed and takes care of your teeth, they’d also want to do the same. Like Enzo, we show him our teeth and tells him it is nice to have good, complete, and healthy teeth.
8. Bring them to a dentist. We brought Enzo to a dentist when he was one year old even though it was a little difficult for the dentist to see his teeth. But the dentist suggested to let him just take a seat on the dentist chair so he’ll experience it. The second time we brought him was fairly easy because he showed his teeth immediately to the dentist. He was so proud when the dentist told him he had a healthy set of teeth.
9. Let them pick their own brush set. He chose a mickey mouse oral b toothbrush and Kodomo toothpaste. At times he’d want to try our toothpaste so we let him. We also let him hold and brush on his own and he enjoys it very much.
So far, Enzo has been enjoying brushing his teeth and we are proud that he does it on his own. Hopefully, we could maintain this routine and ensure Enzo’s healthy oral hygiene.
What are your oral hygiene routine, please do share them with me!:)

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