Wife Life: Blessed to be Struggling

Having a family is both challenging and rewarding. The past months in our lives have tested our relationship, our character but most especially our faith. There are times when we no longer have any money on both of our wallets but we still find the strength to smile and laugh about it. We remind ourselves not to get stressed out and make the family suffer just because we don’t necessarily have the financial status that we want  at the moment. We don’t have the house we would want to live in, we are a commuter family, which means we use the LRT, MRT, Jeep way of going to and fro any place. In short, our life is not the most comfortable and convenient life. I have to admit that we are struggling.
The struggles that we are experiencing made us appreciate the life we were given by our parents. I now understand my parents, especially my mom, on how difficult it was to provide for us, both our needs and wants. Even more admiring about her is that I never felt like we were burdens to her. I never felt we were struggling in any aspect of our lives. I was blessed to be her daughter. And just the same, I hold on to that determination my mom and dad showed me and my siblings when we were little. Now in my own family life, I would look at my child and know that in spite of the struggles and hard ships, I am blessed to be called a mother.
As a mother I cannot get tired and quit, this has then made me realize how fortunate I am that I am learning new skills and knowledge because I am struggling. I learned how to budget properly at times (hehe) what to prioritize and to define our family’s needs and wants. I also consider learning how to shop in the grocery a major accomplishment for me cause I now know how to check prices, compare products, and really choose my own preference. Simple things like laundry detergent, shampoo, etc. Pwede na nga akong sumali ng contest ng hulaan ng mga presyo sa grocery.
The space at home is also a difficulty for us. When the house is messy and disorganized, I would get disappointed and frustrated because this is the only place we have. Then I would repeat it to myself and realize THIS IS THE PLACE THAT WE HAVE. It may be little and narrow but this is our home. This is were we have laugh together as a family, gone through fights and difficulties, and have build dreams that inspires us to push and do more. Through his little home I learned to let go of my own happiness to give way to a bigger happiness which is my son and husband. My home is now filled up mostly of Enzo’s stuff, books, and toys but I could not have been happier seeing it.
More than that I am blessed to have food on the table, roof above our heads, work that compensates and satisfies us, clothes to make us warm and cozy, and a family that supports and guides us. The material things are easy to notice and count but what I am most grateful for in these struggles are the people who carries the burden with us unknowingly. My older sister who is always at my side, my fashion consultant, our business adviser, my favorite person in the world. She has never failed me, ever. My parents who allows me to get anything I need at home in Bulacan like rice, toiletries and sometimes our ulam for the week. Ang laking tulong ng pagkain samin haha!:) For my kuya’s family who’d always support me in anything I do. For my friends, who I see and do not see that remains with me all throughout I am blessed to have all of you.
I realized that it is so easy to complain with what we do not have, what we cannot get, or what we have to do to get a comfortable life. But my experience tells me otherwise, that with every struggle and loss, we gain something even more. We learn new things, meet new people, and rediscover ourselves. We come out of every experience better than we were before and that in itself is already a blessing. Everyone struggles but not everyone is courageous enough to embrace these struggles. I thank God for giving me courage. I thank God for my life’s struggles. I am blessed with these struggles. And I’d say bring it on Lord, I am ready. I am ready to experience your blessings. So the next time, I feel lost and hopeless, I remind myself that these are all happening to make me stronger and wiser. That in every hardship I will come out better. Being better means I can uplift those who are struggling as well. When one is struggling, it only means that one is living.
What are you struggling for these days? How blessed are you? Hold on, you have one struggling person here with you. 🙂

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0 thoughts on “Wife Life: Blessed to be Struggling”

  1. Very inspiring Jho! Kahit kami may mga struggles in life, pero iniisip nalang namin na hindi ibibigay ni God tong problem na to kung alam nya na hindi namin kaya. Kaya natin to Sis! Let’s enjoy life to the fullest!

    1. yes! Positive lang dapat. Kelangan lang maging mas courageous.:)

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