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Allied Against Dengue Philippines was launched last July 12, 2016 in an effort to unite and take action and defeat dengue. I was fortunate enough to be part of the launch as it was an afternoon of information and knowledge regarding facts about dengue that was new to me. It dawned on me that I wasn’t really aware of how dangerous dengue was. Maybe it was because I grew up dengue was increasingly becoming a popular sickness with my classmates and friends. I knew it was dangerous because people die from it but not to the extent that I was informed by the launch.

Dengue is prevalent in Southeast Asia and in the Philippines, the disease outbreak is spreading to more areas and impacting more lives. In 2015, there were 200,415 reported Dengue Fever cases, a 60% increase over 2014 which had 121, 000 cases. With the disease growing rapidly across the country, empowerment is the most effective tool to combat dengue.

The rapid increase and the existence of four different strains of Dengue calls for families to become more informed and ready against dengue. As a mom, I realized that being aware of the disease can help me prevent, control, and manage dengue in our home and community. Thankfully, the Allied against Dengue movement is there as a partner.
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Allied Against Dengue Philippines is a movement of like-minded leaders that aims to empower healthcare providers, private and public organizations and communities to reduce the impact of dengue on the nation. There is no better weapon against dengue, or any other disease for that matter, but knowledge and education. The more we know about our enemy, Dengue, the better prepared and equipped we are to fight it. Alongside GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Philippines, Inc are Department of Health (DOH), Philippine Pharmacists Association (PPHA), MErcury Drug Corporation, SmartParenting.com.ph, and CNN Philippines allied together to support the country’s fight against dengue.
During the launch, Dr. Lyndon L. Lee Suy, Director of the Disease Prevention And Control Bureau of Department of Health, talked about the role of government in the fight against dengue. He gave some statistics on the dengue cases of the Philippines and showed how increasingly it is affecting not only the individual with the disease, but families and communities as well. He insisted that it is necessary for all members of the community to make actions to prevent and fight dengue. The government initiatives are present but it is important that local government units, and the people as well, are empowered to take control of dengue crisis in their areas.
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Next speaker was Ms. Salvacion R. Gatchalian, M.D., FPPS, FPIDSP, FPSMID discussed about “The Everyday Filipino’s guide to Dengue” which gave light to how specifically families can cope up with the disease. She gave basic facts of dengue, symptoms and early warning signs, and its management. She also gave empowerment to the attendees that dengue is manageable as long as we know what the disease is and how to fight it. She also insisted on giving the right medication and first aid.
As GSK’s Calpol ambassador, Ms. Jolina Magdangal-Escueta was introduced to share a bit of her motherhood journey as a first time mom. Sharing with her on stage was Ms. Rowena Wendy Lei Lim, owner of Animetrics.net. They both shared how being a mom was both fulfilling and challenging at the same time. They both shared their experience with dengue and how it affected their lives and the lives of other families they know. This similarity has lead them to take action and be more knowledgeable of the disease. At the same time, both Mommies trust Calpol to be their ally in dengue fever management.
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It is comforting to know other moms who experiences the same worries I have with my kid and family. It becomes easier to carry the stresses of being a mother when you know you have people, companies, and brands that are there to guide, support, and assist you in whatever journey you have. That is why as a mom I pledge to commit together with other moms to empower other moms, families and communities against dengue.
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Because no matter how Dengue can become sneaky, I am not scared because I’m always ready. Thank you GSK Calpol, Ms. Rowena for inviting me to take part in this endeavor. As part of the Allied against Dengue movement, I will share with you more about dengue and how to control and prevent it. Together let us be allies against dengue and created a nation safe for our children.
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Do you want to know anything particular about dengue and its management? Comment down below and maybe I can help you with it. Thanks!:)

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