Gardenia Kiddie Workshop: The Ultimate Bread Journey

So last May 11, Enzo and I went to Gardenia Kiddie Workshop: The Ultimate Bread Journey with other mommy bloggers with their kids. I was really excited kasi sobrang tagal ko na talagang gusto magpunta sa plant tour nila. I love Gardenia bread and I wanted to see how they actually made bread. Buti nalang, and super thank you to Mommy Bloggers Ph and Gardenia PH for making this opportunity for us.
So here’s what happened during our journey. We arrived at the Gardenia Plant at around 9am and we were greeted by their friendly staff and gave each kid their Gardenai Kiddie Workshop shirt. After that we were sent to the second floor where the activities were set up. They were immediately given a snack and some drinks and were asked to their nametags after. Then Mr. Pocket Sandwich surprised the kids and danced with them. Enzo was really fond of Pocket Sandwich so he was super excited to take a photo with him. After the dance session, they were given coloring sheets and was introduced to their ongoing promo of “Color your Day with Twiggies” and then Twiggy came to have a little photo session with the kids. Then the kids played a Treasure Hunt to look for Twiggies in the area.

Then the kids were asked to make their own bread in the traditional way. It was a messy activity but the kids really enjoyed making their own bread and feeling like a Pastry Chef for a moment.

Because it was a messy activity, the next lesson was about the Proper Handwashing. (Sobrang galling ng structure ng program, Kudos to Gardenia! Very well thought of and activities!) The kids was taught how to properly wash their hands.

After that activity, the kids were toured in the plant and were given their assignment to tour us mommies after. The plan was for them to get to see the plant first and then they’ll be our tour guide after.

The kids were all amazing! They were given tasks and the excellently did them all. The tour was more entertaining and informative for us moms because our kids were the ones who shared it with us. Applause for all the kids, and the stage moms too!

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Then, lunch was served and the kids watched a movie while waiting for the afternoon activities. Just when I thought the activity could not get better, Gardenia Ph was able to surprise us even more in the next activities.
In the afternoon, a short storytelling about the different food groups was done by the bigger kids, while the smaller kids listened to the story. Afterwards, a short talk about nutrition was done by the resident nutritionist of Gardenia and I learned about variety, balance, and moderation.  This one’s a good inclusion on the program because nutrition and health is really important for moms to know. Then, the kids were sent to the Bread Store, where they practiced their spill and sold some Gardenia products to us! Then they experienced being cashiered as well. It was a really a great pretend play for the kids.

Then the kids and mommies had an activity together, where we painted Gardenia bread sculptures. It was the right activity for a downtime and while the kids were resting after the Bread Store activity.
Then the kids were taught different recipes using Gardenia products with Chef Patrice. Enjoy ang kids with the three recipes: Toasties Polvoron, Ham and Cheese Spiral Twist, and Twiggies cake pops. I’ll be sharing the recipes soon here so watch out for it. Blockbuster and Toasties Polvoron for Enzo cause he enjoyed doing and eating it too!

It was such a tiring whole day but was one of the most memorable event and experience  Enzo and I went too. I would love to do it again with my other family and friends. Super saya and sulit ng araw. Thank you again Gardenia,  and five stars to your staff and host. They made the program and experience the best for our kids!

For more information, follow Gardenia Philippines in their facebook account. You may also want to follow their Gardenia Plant tour to know more about the kiddie workshop! I will also share how you can join the Plant tour next time here in the blog! See you soon!

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