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Last week, Tuesday, I attended a very intimate make up workshop with four other mommy bloggers at Hotel Benilde Maison De La Salle. The workshop was conducted by Mhaan Arambula-Santos, a makeup artist and also a mommy blogger.  I already attended a makeup workshop many years ago but still I wanted to learn more and true enough,  I learned some new tips and tricks from Mhaan.
Our venue Hotel Benilde made it easy for us to have the makeup workshop. There was a round table in the middle for Mhaan while we were seated beside each other in a long table. Super okay yung space, because we were facing the window, which is perfect for putting on makeup para natural lighting. Plus, it also has an outlet so madali lang magcharge ng phone hihi! To take all those important before and after selfies.

On to the actual workshop, Mhaan made us use our existing makeups already and if there were makeups that we don’t have she eagerly lends her own, which made me discover some great brands and products. She made us lay out our stuff and everyone decided to know more about everyday makeup. So we started with foundation, she gave us a beauty blender and asked us to soak it in water. Didn’t know na ganun pala ginagamit ang beauty blender haha!

Inside my make up Kit

Then she asked us to put on our eyebrows, and cause I don’t have one she recommended for us to use Kris Aquino’s Life kit in medium brown. Another tip I learned is that the shade of my eyebrow should be one shade lighter than my hair so it would look natural. Loved the Kris’ Life Kit cause it was easy to apply and the shade was really perfect. Then we put concealers on our under eyes, forehead, chin and noseline to hide black under eyes and create a simple highlight.
She taught us how to properly put concealers and blend it using the beauty blender. After which, we used our pressed powder to set the makeup. She suggested to use a brush in putting on powder so it would have a smooth finish.

This is how to put the concealer. Mhaan used Maybelline Fit Me concealer here. Louisa of Art of Being a Mom as the model

Then to the eyeshadow, which is something I was really excited about because I had monolids so sometimes the eyeshadow does not really show, especially in pictures. So she taught us to first prime the eyelids with a concealer or a primer. In my case, I only used my concealer, then to apply a light shade on the eyelid, then a medium brown on the crease of the eye. For monolids like me it’s important to put a height on the eyeshadow to create a crease. Then put a lighter shade on the inside part of the eyelid. But the trick is to blend the eyeshadow to remove harsh lines that would make the makeup too obvious. Then we put mascara, I discovered L’Oreal’s Lash Paradise which really pumped my lashes and some blush and lipstick, and voila, a fresher me!

All thanks to some basic makeups, simple  makeup applications, and a fun afternoon with friends.

Putting on makeup is a way to express and care for myself. Now that I am a mom, there are times that putting on makeup is the least priority but with this everyday makeup trick is so easy it would not take too much of my time. Also, in the line of work that I do, as a teacher, it is important to look presentable and fresh in front of my students. I think it increases their interest to listen when they see someone who takes care of her appearance too. In addition to that, as women it is opportunity for us to play with our faces and experiment on different looks we can do. Plus, makeup is such an interesting topic with our girlfriends, right?  So here’s to hoping, our lashes will stayed curled, eyebrows on fleek, and lips on point! Till our next makeup workshop!
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