Project Vanity x L'Oreal Lash Paradise

After the makeup workshop I attended at Hotel Benilde, with other Mommy Bloggers. A blogger friend, Nicole Paler shared an event of Project Vanity in partnership with L’Oreal’s Lash Paradise. So with excitement and joy, I immediately signed up and made sure to free my sched for that day. Project Vanity holds makeup parties with L’Oreal products so women, and beauty enthusiasts can have a trial with the products. The first event that they had was on their matte lipsticks. I was fortunate to have attended the Lash Paradise makeup party and got to experience its effect with the Project Vanity team and Lazada.
Upon arriving, I felt a bit awkward and uncomfortable as people were there already and everyone was trying out the product already. At the registration we were given a Lash Paradise mascara and were asked to try it out and write our comments on a piece of paper. There were makeup tables with mirrors and lights, and also a flat lay area to take photos of the product in focus. After a while of awkwardness, my friend and I got the hang of things when we had our selfies and product selfies at the photo wall. We took our before shots and tried out the mascara.

After trying it out, all other awkwardness just fell and we felt more confident to take our selfies, and friend-fies, ootd, fotds, and flat lays! The creative juices just came flowing and we had tons of fun maybe because of how amazed we were of the product.

After a while, Ms. Liz Lanuzo, introduced the event to everyone and shared some of her insights on the product.¬†She swears that L’Oreal’s Lash Paradise is the blackest and most volumizing mascara among all drug store makeup brands in the local market. She also shared that L’Oreals Lash Paradise has 200+ bristles that helps cover all hairs in our lashes. Moreso, it can be used for casual to glam days as you can build it with more coats without the heaviness. Lash Paradise is really lightweight like feathers on the eyes. A very important ingredient to highlight is the castor oil which can help lengthen the lashes.

What is even more amazing is that it opens up the lashes even without the need to use an eyelash curler, such a time saver!

My thoughts on Lash Paradise:

  • Easy to apply
  • No smudge
  • Easy to remove when you have mascara accidents
  • Waterproof really! Believe me!
  • Lightweight Stays for a long time. I just love love love it!
  • Very versatile
  • Loved the packaging
  • Volumizing Perfect for my chinita eyes
  • For women on the go, for moms who have days when we need to look alive and for beauty lovers.

Try lash paradise and put volume on your lashes in an instant! Available in all department stores! Thanks Project Vanity and L’Oreal!

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