Shopwise Araneta Asian Fusion Cook-Off Challenge

Shopwise held its second Cook-Off challenge at Araneta, Cubao branch to showcase talents from three different chef students and three Pinoy Food bloggers. The event showcased the new products made available exclusively in Shopwise supermarkets.
According to Ms. Meg, VP for Marketing, Shopwise offers their “Best Value” products that are affordable to Filipino families with International standards. They have more than 30 brands that are only sold in Shopwise and with less price giving consumers 15-30% of savings. Not only that, Shopwise also have Best Value Festivals which offers different products with more discounts. That is really amazing, especially for a “tipid” and “wais” mother who loves to try new products that fits with the monthly budget.
To highlight these new products, the cook off challenges chefs and food bloggers to utilize it while creating an Asian Infused dish.
Three student chefs from Aupicius Culinary School namely Jobert diaz 22yo, Arlujan Sansano 19yo, and Arvin Fernandez 21 years old from Aupicius Culinary School joined and produced sumptuous meals using products that are exclusively available in Shopwise.
Three food bloggers also joined in the challenged. Ms. Lea Domingo from Mommy Leilei and Paluto kay Mommy Leilei, Mr. Nathaniel Uy of the The Hungry Chef Ph, and Jinkee Umali, Freelance consultant and blogger. The cook off challenged was made fun and entertaining by the host, Steven Salva who is also a chef and ultimate survivor of Starstruck.
These are the final dish of the chef students.  Pan seared honey lemon chicken combination with assorted vegetables.

Grilled salmon and prawn with teriyaki sauce


Marinated Pork Tenderloin with ginger and star anise


Pan seared honey lemon chicken combination with assorted vegetables.

These are the final dish of the food bloggers. 


Mommy Lelei Tuna Meatball siders with Asian Jam


The Hungy Chef Ph Nathaniel Uy’s Prawn Halang hapang Ramen 


Jinkee Umali’s  Thai Bagoong Rice

There were two winners from the student chefs, and two winners for the food bloggers. The winners will join the final challenge on August 4, Saturday at the newest branch of Shopwise in Circuit Makati.
It was a fun and tummy-filling event for everyone. Some of the guests were able to take home prizes for guessing the correct price of the products. It was also informative as contestants were able to show how to use the exclusive brands in a meal. It only proves how versatile the products were as chef-students were able to come up with hotel-like dish and the food bloggers came up with comfort food fit for the entire family.
It’s so amazing how Shopwise is able to provide international brands, quality products, and value for money for Filipino families. Next time you go grocery shopping why not try the nearest Shopwise branch to you and get the best value for you and your family. The finals of the cook-off challenge will be on August 5 at the newest branch of Shopwise at Circuit Makati! Mark your calendars and share in with the fun!
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