Easy life with McDonald's Delivery

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Have you seen the newest McDonald’s delivery commerical? Diba it has so much feels and I just could not stop smiling whenever I see it on TV or even on Facebook. Relate na relate ako because I would remember the times when Enzo was a little baby. We always had to make sure we don’t bother him or else we can’t do anything anymore when he wakes up. I think superpowers talaga ng mga babies to wake up on moments we don’t want them to haha! Kaya super relate ako talaga sa ads!
Now that he is already five years old, it gets easier to make him go to sleep so we don’t really have a bedtime routine problems anymore. But you know what’s our challenge with Enzo right now? It’s his APPETITE!!! haha! Yes, sometimes he would tell me he’s hungry at night or when it is the weekend at wee hours of the night. Buti nalang, I have McDonald’s app in my phone so it is so easy for me to order his favorite food! So whenever we want some burgers or fries, or when he wants some Happy meal, ordering it is just a tap away. I find it super convenient especially now that the husband is working abroad cause we don’t need to go out anymore just to satisfy our cravings. He would even tell us to order online cause he feels safer when we do that rather than go out of the house late at night.
The app is really user friendly and everything they have on the store is there complete with photos and price. Plus if you create an account it makes ordering even more faster because they already have a record of your info. So easy to satisfy your family’s cravings and share a bonding moment with them using McDonald’s online delivery.

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