My "Me-Time" Facial Care Routine

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Every Friday or Sunday, I make it a point to the spa to have my facial care routine. But when I say spa, I don’t mean those expensive spa centers or salons, but my “spa corner” at home. I have a box of spa-like products I use at home to feel relaxed and pampered for the next week to come.

As a working mom, a weekly skin care routine is very important. I think it is a necessity to do once a week so I won’t lose my sanity. In addition, it’s also how I am able to keep my skin looking young and fresh! But, don’t you worry mommies, I know one of our major concerns is the family’s budget right? I feel you so I sharing some of the products that I use that is affordable and effective. We don’t really need to spend much to feel great right?

My Facial Care Routine

1. Novelina Facial Wash: I use this facial wash as my first step to my facial care routine. I love this facial wash because I only need to use a pea size of it (literally) and it does the job well. My skin feels clean and smooth after. Plus point for the wonderful scent it has. I love how it isn’t so soapy and foamy but it cleans really well.
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2. Body Treats Charcoal Nose Strips. This is my most amazing product in removing blackhead and whiteheads. Really effective and affordable too! This is a must added part in your facial care routine.

3. Novelina Coenzyme Anti-Aging and Age-Defying Face Mask. Feeling “Korean” with Novelina ‘s Coenzyme Anti-Aging and Age-Defying face mask. I love the size of this mask because it really covers my entire face, and even extends unto my chin. One of the few things I do even when I do some household chores, and whenever I feel my skin drying up. Face masks are an easy way to moisturize and rejuvenate my skin. I also particulary love this brand (Novelina) because of its anti-aging component. I am in my 30s already so I make sure I prevent my skin from having wrinkles and age spots. Luckily, I got my hands on this one and it surely is a part of my weekly facial care routine.

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I use these products once a week to help me rejuvenate myself for the coming week. I feel it makes me lose my mind from stress and makes me relax for a bit. It also makes me feel ready to battle challenges both at home and at work. This is my skincare weekly routine cause my everyday skincare routine is much simpler than this cause I always rush in the morning. Maybe I could share some of my everyday skincare routines too when I already have one!
Do you have any products you use for your me-time? Share them away so I can give it a try too!

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