Nido 3+/5+ City Challenge: Moms, learn to Play and Let Go at Kidzania Manila

One of the play places I dreamed of bringing Enzo is at Kidzania Manila. I was actually saving up and waiting for the right time to bring him there. I heard lots of good things about the place but was really wondering if I can actually let him play on his own.
Then we were lucky enough to be invited by Nido 3+/ 5+ to a City Challenge at Kidzania Manila. (Thanks so much, Ogilvy Philippines, for making our dreams come true!) Kidzania Manila offers different developmentally appropriate activities to engage children to learn and explore. This makes it a perfect partner venue for Nido 3+/5+ advocacy that empowers parents to say YES and LET GO. Tbh, I sometimes have a hard time letting go of Enzo in exploring different activities and places at the thought that he might not be able to do it or would be in danger. (Talk about paranoia, right?)
But, the Nido 3+ / 5+ City Challenges encouraged me to just say YES and let Enzo explore different areas inside Kidzania Manila. The Nido 3+ / 5+ City Challenge features a series of strategically-designed activities that aim to help parents guide their growing-up kids in performing basic to difficult tasks. It has five (5) Kidzania activities including the Bookstore, Window Washing, Acting Academy, Police Station and CSI, and Farm House.

We also met different #YesMoms in the event including Say Alonzo, and Bettina Carlos, who are both supermoms who let their children play, explore, and learn on their own.

Say Alonzo, a kikay Mommy, shared that she used to be an OA parent, but with NIDO Advanced Protectus 3+, she is now more confident to let four-year old son Asher explore, learn, and enjoy more of what the real world has to offer.

Like Say, Bettina Carlos, a superwomom to her daughter Gummy, knows the importance of giving her unica hija, all the vitamins and minerals a growing child needs, plus more – that’s why she gives Gummy only Nido Advanced Protectus 5+.
The partnership with Kidzania made it even more exciting for moms to be #genYESMoms especially with the City Challenge. All challenges come with three levels depending on who is performing the task: the parent and kid for Beginners, individual mom or dad and kid for Intermediate, and kid only for Expert. By going through each level, parents become more and more confident and accepting in letting go of their little ones, for them to slowly learn how to manage on their own, giving way for their self-help and adaptive skills to improve. Stamps will be given after successfully completing each level, and exciting prizes awaits those who can collect a total of ten stamps.

Enzo tried the Police station and CSI for his first stop. It was a little uncomfortable for me staying outside the area but it was also a liberating feeling knowing he can accomplish a task on his own. Thanks for Nido Advance Protectus for giving me this opportunity to learn to let go.
For most part, I knew Enzo experienced a lot of learning processes that is important in his growing years. Letting him play on his own, enhanced his socio-emotional development and also addresses some of our sepanx problems. Now, he is more confident to accept challenges, do it on his own, and and establish good working relationships with other kids.

In the bookstore challenge, Enzo played with Ate Ysa, daughter of Reylen Castro of Made It Through Mom. They were asked to fix and organize the bookshelf for the display of bookstore. They had fun selecting books and toys to display and they also had a feel of what it felt like to work in National Bookstore. It also help promote language language skills to effectively communicate with each other to complete the challenge, while also enhancing their cognitive skills that help them in solving problems, reasoning, memory, and decision making.
Their motor skills were also target by the activities especially in the Acting Academy and Music Station. He learned a dance routine through the Acting Academy and also performed it in one of the areas in Kidzania in front of many people. And because, I am a #GenYesMom, I became part of the dance performance as well. hihi!

Special thanks to Reylen for the video:
Aside from dancing, he was also able to try his hand at being in his own band. He played the keyboard, and though I wasn’t inside with him, I knew he was having fun and was following the instruction from the staff. It was really amazing to watch from the outside. Our confidence were improving as he was able to do more tasks on his own.

Now I have more Confidence to say Yes and Let Go, especially with Nido Advanced Protectus 5+ which is tailored fit to meet his nutritional needs, and is packed with all the essential nutrients and more, giving me the confidence to let him explore and learn on his own.
The Nido 3+/5+ City Challenge will run from November to December 2018 at Kidzania Manila. Bring your kids to enjoy and be a certified #GenYesMom!


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