PLK 7 Day Play Challenge

Over the Christmas break, I had a lot of time thinking of ways to reach out to more people and promote playing with their children. I advocate for more playtime with children especially now that gadgets and media seem to easily replace outdoor playing or just simply playing with toys.
So, a new idea was born and this is the #7DAYPLAYCHALLENGE of the blog. It started on my facebook page as I wanted to offer more to my online friends. I got the inspiration from fitness challenge that I tried to also finish (Haha, tried lang kasi di nacomplete), and searched thru Instagram, and found out there are challenges like this one already. However, I thought it had to be a little bit easier for the first-month challenge.
Into the second day today, and I am super happy and overwhelmed by the support of my offline friends, and online friends. I am delighted that you all are joining me in this challenge. Just the second day and I feel really excited going home after work, and thinking of the next activity for the day using the play prompts provided. I am really actually the first person who benefitted from this challenge.
The #PLAYFULLIFEWITHKIDSCHALLENGE aims to start a habit of play prompts with your child/children. One challenge I have with Enzo is that he doesn’t have a constant playmate at home so sometimes he bugs me into playing with him. I couldn’t always afford to play with him, well, because there are some household chores that need to be done too. It gets frustrating when I need to think of an instant activity for him just to keep him out of boredom. Thus, play prompts, would guide parents on what stimulation can be done for the day. Second, the challenge would want to instill an interactive play with parents and children a few minutes each day. The activities only take about 10-15 minutes or the longest at 30 minutes. It doesn’t take too much of our time right, but the lessons that the children could get from one activity can be a lot. Lastly, I want to show everyone that it is possible to start teaching our children in the easiest ways possible. A simple painting activity, singing, or a book can really spark a teaching experience for parents to their children.
The mechanics are really simple. Play prompts will be given for one week in which these materials have to be incorporated into the play activities.  For January, I decided to create a basic material play prompts, so that parents can start building a basic play kit on their own. Each day, the parent and child should take a photo of their activity and tag me on their posts. This is so I could also see their activities and if they truly accomplished the objective which is to bond and play with their children each day. At the end of the 7 days play challenge, I will be choosing the best parent and child partner and reward their work with a #PLAYFULLIFEWITHKIDS Mystery Box. The box will contain “play-ducational” materials they can use in their next challenges or just for the kids to explore everyday.
january 6 - 12, 2019
I am really amazed by the number of people who joined and who are joining, it feels good that people actually also believe in my advocacy. Looking at the photos and posts of mommies with their child is fun to look as there are so many new ideas and activities I learn from them as well. I’ll share some of their work here after the week so we can all appreciate and learn from them.
You can still use the play prompts even after the weekly challenge. Just post a photo and tag me too, so I can see it! Thank so much and cheers to more playtime!

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8 thoughts on “PLK 7 Day Play Challenge”

  1. Marilyn Lubrio Goyonan says:

    Its nice po na naisip niyo ang ganitong blog para po maaware ang mga parents na mas healthy po para sa kanilang mga anak ang maglaro ng mga physical activities kesa magbabad sa gadgets.

    1. Yes, that is exactly what the challenge is about. Although it’s really difficult to get gadgets out of their system at least we can intervene
      play throughout the day right?:)

  2. jun panagsagan Ace says:

    CIELO JONNA: Maganda nga po yung ganitong activities.. Sayang hindi ako nakasali kasi hindi ko kasama ngaun ung 6y/o na anak ko ung haby ko na 11mos. Hehe! Sana nay next pa sa ssunod..

  3. momi berlin says:

    I saved the Facebook link because I would want to join. Sadly, I was hospitalised thus wasn’t able to participate and do the exercises with my kids. But this Weekend, we will try to follow as I believe the exercises will surely help my toddlers appreciate learning.

  4. This is a great challenge! Parents really have to be more intentional in terms of how they let their kids play. Playing with toys and going outdoors are really better compared to playing with gadgets. I also like that this challenge encourages parent involvement. I try to incorporate our playtime during our homeschool time, that way I’ll be there to join my kids for sure. 🙂

  5. This is a nice challenge. Most of the time, kids just play gadgets every school break. My son can only use gadgets every weekend so we really make an effort to play with him. We have a card or board games night.

  6. Thank you for doing this. I hope more parents will be more intentional (just like what Janice said). We should interact with them more kasi minsan lang sila magiging bata.

  7. What a great advocacy! Minsan guilty ako kasi I don’t get to play with my kids as often as I want to. But now I will find time! I’ll catch up on this or I’ll wait for your Feb challenge. Two thumbs up mommy! 🙂

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