How your Choice of Diaper affects your Child’s Early Experiences

Did you know that your choice of diaper actually affects your baby’s early experiences? I learned this as our family has grown again with two beautiful babies from my older siblings. That means an overflow of love, joy, and happiness for every one of us. I for one love to take care of my nieces and nephews, I take it as a responsibility to be able to care for them from their infancy until they grow up. I love seeing them from the phase where they are just sleeping infants to the phase where they are already able to walk, talk, and do other stuff.

A Child’s Developmental Milestones

Our children are babies for a short time. I would always be amazed at how fast babies grow and develop. At first, you just see them sleeping, drinking milk, and then suddenly they can already walk and run. Infancy is the stage of children from birth to two years of age and their development grows at its quickest during this time.

Their development can be seen in their physical development specifically in their motor skills both fine and gross. This is where babies at third month would be able to raise their head and chest when lying on their stomach, bring hands to mouth, grab and shake toys, and many others. Aside from their motor skills their senses are also developing at an amazing rate, infants are sensitive to noise levels and respond to familiar voices like that of their mothers, fathers, or their caregivers. Likewise, their vision also increases as they grow and can focus their sight on familiar faces, and objects. It is also during the infancy stage that their language development happens as they learn to make sounds, babble, and coo as early as 2 months. It is amazing how they grow and develop.

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Thus, we can see how significant a child’s early experiences in their growth and development. It is with utmost care that we should ensure our infant’s needs are satisfied so they can have positive early experiences. There have been a lot of theories and researches that relates early experiences to later life development. This means that the early stimulations that infants get have an impact on how they are to see learning or education in the future. Therefore, as mothers, fathers, or parents it is important that our babies are able to explore their environment comfortably and securely.

Our Diaper Experience

One of the things, I believe affect how our babies interact with their world is their diaper. I remember when Enzo was little, he would feel irritated every time his diaper is wet or soggy. I admit to using cheap diapers as it was not as important. Unfortunately, I noticed his play gets interrupted because of his wet diapers. It gets even worse when he gets rashes. Of course, he would feel irritated the entire time and it really hinders him from playing. There were also instances where he would cry at night because of his wet diapers. So we all have a long night cause his sleep is interrupted by a cheap brand of diaper.


All these form part of his early experiences as a child. If they feel that they are always uneasy or uncomfortable then they would think that this is what the world is – uneasy and uncomfortable.

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My Choice of Diapers

Now that I have learned about these, I understand how the choice of diapers really affect how our babies grow and develop. They grow up at an amazing speed, so their diapers should also be able to cope with such growth. Babies are explorative creatures and one way we can encourage them to discover the world is if they comfortable and reliable diapers.

Pampers: The Good Choice of Diapers

It is a good thing that we have Pampers, that gives the baby the freedom to move around. It also keeps them dry for up to 12 hours, so they get the rest and sleep they need to grow. Also, provide delicate protection for our baby’s skin because it is gentle and hypoallergenic.

More importantly, it gives parents security and peace of mind. The ingredients are approved by the US FDA, US EPA, WHO, and EU. This is what makes Pampers a healthy choice for our baby’s diaper needs. It gives us more time to love and care for our babies rather than worry about their diaper. More time to explore their world and develop with Pampers. Recommending Pampers to my sister means making sure that the little people in our growing family have the best early experiences in life.

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6 thoughts on “How your Choice of Diaper affects your Child’s Early Experiences”

  1. we love Pampers too, from my first born who is 11 years old now to my second born who is 6 years old now, and to my little baby now. Pampers is a diaper that we trust. hindi sya nakaka rashes.

  2. I used cloth diaper before, though medyo hassle lang with the laundry. Thankfully, kids were potty trained early kaya nakatipid sa diaper 🙂

  3. I will choose quality over the price of the item for my son. We used Pampers before and I agree, it provides the best value for your money.

  4. Pampers diapers had developed over time. I remember when my 2 girls were still using diapers, I use several brands because Pampers then are considered an expensive brand. But now, it became competitive, better to say leading, because of its price and quality. Di ko na nga makita yung other brand na ginagamit ko dati.

  5. sheerinamaro1358 says:

    agree👌choosing diaper is important to our babies. It will affect their playtime even when they sleep. Choose always what’s best for our babies. That’s how we care for them.

  6. Donna Ria Agosto Mahayag says:

    yes, malaki talaga ang naidudulot na tulong ng mga diapers. dapat talaga ung mas mapili tayong mga mommy kasi sensitive masyado ang skin ni baby wag tayo maniniwala sa mga commercials mas maganda talaga ung subok na.

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