Home Insurance: Keeping your Home Safe

As I shared with you all in my recent post about our home goals this year. That is why I read more about homes, and real estate properties and came across home insurance.

Having a home for the family means security for everyone. A place to spend time together, build memories, pursue dreams, and feel safe. So, a home is a family’s treasure as the family grows with it and in it. In addition, a home is not just a structure but a foundation of a family’s identity. But what happens if this dream home suddenly catches fire or disaster? Is your family still safe and secured? Or should I say insured?


Home insurance provides financial protection against loss or damage of properties. However, a lot of Filipino families are not aware of such insurance. Other, although knowledgeable still would rather not spend on one. Although a lot of insurance companies are now promoting these types of insurance it still seems an added expenses for most Filipinos.

Home insurance is a type of non-life insurance. It covers losses and damages to homes and their assets. Typically, home insurance covers damages from fires, lightning strikes, flood, etc. However, this still depends on the provisions of the insurance given. This is a good investment for the facility as it will ensure the security of the home and its content.

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2 thoughts on “Home Insurance: Keeping your Home Safe”

  1. Angelie Namindang says:

    Thanks for sharing this helpful blog momshie.. Ngayong ko lang po ito nalaman na merun pala home insurance.. Ang alam ko lang po kasi is yung life insurance.. Big help po ito.. lalo na pag halimbawa nasunugan.. Di ba po?

  2. Reuben says:

    Can you tell me what system are you making
    use of on this web site?

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