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Playful Life with Kids Future Learn: Free Online Courses for Everyone 1

Last Friday, I posted about a new online course I am taking in Future Learn. I have a lot of spare time these months so I wanted to learn a new skill and enhance my knowledge of play and child development. I was searching on the internet and chance upon Future Learn. The first course that I got me interested in was Exploring Play: the Importance of Play in Everyday Life which will start tomorrow. I also added another course which is Teaching Phonics in Early Childhood which was already starting when I joined in. All the courses I joined were free and they only require 1-hour weekly study. That is why I could take two courses at once.

What is Future Learn?

Playful Life with Kids Future Learn: Free Online Courses for Everyone 2

Future Learn started providing online courses in September 2013. In addition, they provide online courses from a wide array of categories. They offer a diverse selection of courses from different colleges and universities. The courses are designed to be taken anywhere, anytime, by everyone. They are a private company owned by The Open University with an expertise in distance learning and online education.

Online Course Categories

What is amazing about Future Learn is that they have the widest courses available. They have thirteen (13) course categories including Business and Management, Creative Arts and Media, Health and Psychology, and many more. I got two courses in the Teaching category.

Benefits of Future Learn Online Education

I enjoyed trying out Future Learn Online Education for the first time. I already finished a week’s requirement in just one day, spending about 3-4 hours. The course work was simple and easy. There are videos and readings per topic and also a short quiz to evaluate one’s learning. I find Future Learn flexible and accessible. Likewise, it is flexible in terms of the completion period of the coursework.

How does Future Learn works

Learning through Future Learn is so easy. First, choose a course you are interested in. Then create a profile and start completing the course requirements. You may take the courses for free or choose to upgrade. As of now, I am still doing the free online courses. It has access to the course for a duration of 2 weeks and includes all articles, videos, quizzes, and peer review steps. Upgrade the course to get unlimited access and certificate of achievement upon completion. However, upgrading a course is for a specific rate.

Course Providers

The courses are given by top international universities. Some schools are the University of Aberdeen, University of Bergen, Colorado State University and many more. They also have specialized organizations as partners like Accenture, Amnesty International, British Council and many more.in addition, the courses I am in are also offered by affiliate universities.

It is a good opportunity to take courses online for free. As adults, it is important to continuously update our knowledge and Future Learn provides this to everyone. as for my first impression, I find it easy, simple, and highly education. Furthermore, it helps provide new skills, pursue degrees, and a chance to upgrade one’s profession.

For more information, go to Future Learn and start learning.

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7 thoughts on “Future Learn: Free Online Courses for Everyone”

  1. Geneve Camille Crudo says:

    I want to try these po. This is one good way of going back to school kht nasa bahay ka lang SAHM and what’s nice here is it’s for FREE! i want to try business & management coz ito ung course q ng college na di q natapos bcoz nag asawa aq hehe and health & psychology coz interesting! cguro i will try these qng meron aq maganda internet connection and qng may laptop or computer, kc as of now i use cp data only madalas free data. Thanks for this blog post nag ka idea aq mag aral uli. Hope na matry q sya mam jhoana! Godbless on your course! ❤❤❤

  2. maria lourdes says:

    will try this one Momma. thanks for sharing.

  3. So glad to stumble upon this post! I’m thinking of enrolling in refresher courses while my son is on a school break, and this could not have come at a more perfect time. 🙂

  4. Mumwrites says:

    This is interesting. I am always on the look out for sites that offer free online lessons and the likes. It gives people like me who mostly stay at home the opportunity to learn new knowledge. I would like to check their Creative Arts courses. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I save this so I could read again and digest everything. This year, I promise myself to. Improve on everything I can and one way to improve is to continue learning and even exploring those I am not familiar with. Thanks for this share.

  6. This is interesting! 🙂 I agree, we should never stop learning. That’s why even if I am a WAHM, I have embarked on an endeavor that exposes me to trainings, coaching and mentoring, mostly free, to develop myself more. I believe the more I have the more I can give. I will check out their courses.

  7. Angelie Namindang says:

    I am interested in this mommy.. Kahit nasa bahay ka lang you will learn.. As of now, hindi ko pa siya mabigyan ng attention since may work ako.. Maybe in the near future.. Gusto ko po siya matututunan..

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