Cooking Goals with Tough Mama Appliances

This year, one of my most important goals is cooking. Fortunately, my cooking goals are easier with Tough Mama Home Appliances. I want to be able to cook healthier foods for the family. For five years, Enzo is not used to home cooked meals. We chose to buy from “carinderias” as we think it’s more affordable and we avoid food spoilage. However, I finally had a change of heart now.

Tough Mama Home Appliances Event at Flossom Kitchen and Café

So, you can imagine the giddy feeling I felt when I attended the Tough Mama Home Appliances event with Chef Jam Melchor and the Bento Mommas last Tuesday. It was a perfect event for a newbie/frustrated cook like me. The event was even made better with fellow mommies from Mommy Bloggers Philippines.

Chef Jam Melchor Cooking Demo


After some introduction by the host, Chef Jam Melchor of @chefjamme used the Tough Mama Home Appliances to cook three simple dishes. Then he started with an all natural Crab and Corn Soup, then Pork Barbeque and Kaldereta for the main entrée. For a newbie cook like me, his recipes were simple and easy us he also gave some useful tips in the kitchen. I find that Tough Mama Home Appliances is a good partner for Mamas in the kitchen whether a newbie or an expert cook. The appliances used by Chef Jam were the induction cooker, multifunctional cooker, and blender. In addition, it was easy to use and versatile as a lot of meals can be prepared with these appliances. I’ll also share with you my favorite Tough Mama appliances in my next post.

Bento Mommas Bento Workshop

It was also very fortunate for me that the Bento Mommas was in the event. I have always wanted to learn how to make bents but it was only in the event that I was able to see them.  We were given some basic bento supplies and @momma makes imbento taught us simple ways to bento. It was a fun experience as I learned a lot of simple tips and tricks to make my bento stick and fixed in a box.

It was a fun afternoon as I learned more about Tough Mama Home Appliances. Learned a lot from Chef Jam and the Bento Mommas. Plus I had a chikkahan afternoon with fellow mommy bloggers and friends. I realized that it does not have to hard to cook for the family. That through practice, a newbie can be an expert cook especially with the best home appliances.

Tough Mama Home Appliances

Tough Mama Home Appliances is a brand created by Ms. Carol Yao. She was inspired by her grandmother. As a child, her grandmother was a tough yet loving woman. She was a fantastic cook and taught Ms. Carol the basics of cleaning, ironing, and preparing meals from scratch. It was from her grandmother’s words, “The secret to cooking good food lies only in the fresh ingredients and no over seasoning.” She also added that one does not need complex equipment to produce good food or to run a household.

Thus, Cherenz Global Manufacturing, Inc. was created through Nikon Home Appliances. They have accumulated enough experience to merit a thorough understanding of the Philippines small appliance industry, consumer habit, and preference.

Moreover, Tough Mama Home Appliance fits every woman who plays multiple roles at home and at work. Its sleek and easy to use features are perfect and cost efficient as well. To find out more about Tough Mama Home Appliances follow them on their social media accounts.

Instagram: Tough Mama Appliances

Facebook: Tough Mama

Site: Tough Mama: Quality and Good Appliances in the Philippines


Nobody’s tough like Mama! Cheers to our Cooking Goals!







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  1. Angelie Namindang says:

    Wow!!! The best!! For sure magaganda ang quality ng mga product ng tough mama.. Best partners for us mommy na doing multi task while at home or even at work..

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