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My son is interested in soldiers. Before he turned five, he became fascinated with the army. Consequently, it led us to an easy toy soldier sensory bin. We created it last December, while preparing for the Christmas eve. We had to keep him entertained so we prepared a sensory bin he can play.

Procedure in making easy toy soldier sensory bin:

The main ingredient is the Mr. Hat Gulaman jelly powder in green.  It’s really simple. Just cook the gulaman or jelly. Place your toy soldiers in a bin. Pour the jelly into your toy soldier sensory bin. Place it randomly. In our case, we were practice counting so I placed 20 toy soldiers for him to count after. After the first layer, let it cool first, then add another layer. I placed it in the fridge so it’s easier to add in the next layer. Next, I added some soldier touches into the sensory bin.

The Little Boy’s Reaction?

Amazingly, it became another activity for him, since he matches the mold into the toy. It was such fun, and he spent a lot of time with it. It gave us more time to prepare for the Noche Buena. He was also able to stay awake until it was Christmas because he was busy with it.

Why sensory play?

Sensory plays are an important learning experience for kids. It’s so easy to create one with the household materials that we have. I made a blogpost about how to make your own easy sensory bins at home. Check it out here: Mommy’s Guide to Sensory Play: Easy Homemade Sensory Bins. This bin is a toy soldier sensory bin because it is the little boy’s interest at the moment. It sparks stimulation from them when they see their favorite toys incorporated in their bins. Additionally, the learning they get from the experience includes not just counting, or sorting. Hence, it is more on the attitude towards learning

Do you have other sensory play ideas? Share them with us!

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4 thoughts on “Easy Toy Soldier Sensory Bin”

  1. Angelie Namindang says:

    Wow!! Nice momshie.. Very helpful din para matuto din ang mga bata kahit sa murang edad pa lamang..

    1. jhoanna says:

      yes oonga eh, para din busy sa bahay hihi

  2. Marilyn Goyonan says:

    Ang creative niyo naman po mommy, ngayon lang po ako nakakita ng ganyan at maganda naman po. Mas maganda talaga turuan ang mga bata sa physical activities na maeenjoy nila pra hindi sila ma focus sa gadget.

  3. Jaycelyn amul says:

    Ang cute at kakaiba ung idea mo momshie para maenjoy ng mga jids ang paglalaro at matututo rin cla..madli din xa gwin kya pwdeng pde gwin at gayahin nming mga momshie..thanks po..

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