DIY Glittery Red Slime using Borax

Playful Life with Kids DIY Glittery Red Slime using Borax 1

And yes, we finally gave into the slime madness and created our own DIY Glittery Red Slime! Last year, around December my friend gave me some Borax. Borax is used in many projects and one of these is a SLIME. So during the Christmas break, we made our very own glittery slime using borax.


1 pack of Elmer’s Glittery Red Glue

1 teaspoon borax

warm water


Procedure in DIY Glittery Red Slime using Borax

1. Dissolve 1 teaspoon of Borax in half cup of warm water

2. Pour the Elmer’s glittery red glue into a container.

3. Mix the borax solution into the glue.

4.Mix until you get the slime-y consistency that you want.

5. Knead and knead the Glittery Red Slime so it would lose some of its wet feel.

6. Enjoy your DIY Glittery Red Slime!

Caution: Avoid getting it on textile as the borax makes it hard to clean up after.

Watch out DIY tutorial here:

I know there are other ways of doing a slime so we are planning to create another one. But for now, we really enjoyed our Glittery Red Slime! So easy and fast to make.

You can read more of Elmer’s glue Slime event here: Slime Making Workshop by Art of Being a Mom

Please share with us some of your slime recipes so we can also do it at home! It’s fun to make slimes and then discover what amazing things the kids can do and imagine with it. This is our first DIY slime, and we are looking forward to creating more!

Btw, anyone wants some Borax and glue? Comment here so I can share some for you! Please just follow me on my social media accounts so we can talk more!

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I’ll announce the winners on March 30, just in time for the month of April so you and your kids can make some slime!:) Don’t forget to share this and tag me on FB or IG so I can see it! Thanks!

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5 thoughts on “DIY Glittery Red Slime using Borax”

  1. Nhet Mendoza says:

    Wow! Gusto ko din matry namin to ng son ko. Nababasa ko lang din to pero d ko alam gawin. Sure ako na mag eenjoy anak ko dito.
    Yes momsh, gusto ko po ng borax and glue.

  2. Donna Ria Mahayag says:

    magandang activity to dahil bakasyon na sa school sina ate nya. tiyak matutuwa si bunso sana palarin magkaroon

  3. Annalyn M. Reyes says:

    Love it.. i want it for my daughter..

  4. Leilani says:

    monshie besh, saan nakakabili ng Borax?

    1. jhoanna says:

      Padala kay Portia yun eh. Bigyan kita. need mo ba?:)

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