DIY: Kid-Friendly Paint using Flour

Playful Life with Kids DIY Kid-Friendly Paint Using Flour 1

Hello April! Have you noticed how fast the days and weeks go by? Well, we have! It seems that there so much to do with so little time. In just a glance its the month of April already. Maybe its also because we were having so much Fofun and play these past few months too.

So last March, our Play Challenge, involved the use of kitchen material. The chosen material is FLOUR! I’ve learned so much while researching for this challenge, and we accomplished so much!

One of the activities we did was the DIY Kid Friendly Paint using flour. I was amazed at how easy it was to do plus it is also baby and toddler approved. It uses natural ingredients so it is safe to be ingested just in case our little people gets it in their mouth.

Here’s a short video tutorial of how to do a DIY: Kid-Friendly paint using flour

Materials Needed:
Playful Life with Kids DIY: Kid-Friendly Paint using Flour 2

            1/4 cup flour, 2 tbsps of water, food coloringStep 1: Mix flour and water.

Step 2: Add food coloring to your mixture. Add as necessary or as the desired color is achieved.

Step 3: You’re done! It’s that easy.

We did three colors of flour paint, cause we had three food coloring available. It is so easy to make and E enjoyed mixing the flour and water. He also had an amazing time discovering how putting food coloring changes the color of the paint.

You can use the paint for two painting activity, or add salt to make the mixture more long-lasting.

This paint is edible and it’s safe for babies and toddlers to play with. You can also make them use their fingers to paint so it would create more learning experience for them.

There are a lot of other recipes of paint flour that you can try. I found some more and made a list of it here:

Did you try to do this flour paint recipe? Take a photo and share it with us! 🙂

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