Teaching using Flour Spelling Tray

Playful Life with Kids Teaching Using Flour Spelling Tray 1

Teaching using Flour Spelling tray is our first activity to start the March Play Challenge. So, we needed to make an activity to help E learn how to spell simple words.  This is an easy activity as it requires no preparation at all. I adapted the Montessori salt writing tray, where you use a tray with salt and trace letters in it. It is a sensory activity for kids just learning to write. It helps children learn to write without the pain of using a pencil and paper. The paper and pen method sometimes strains the little hands of our children making it harder for them to learn how to grip a pencil and write.

E already knows how to write, but his penmanship needs a lot more practice. Thus, this activity can help him not only spell but to also write the letters correctly. Teaching using flour spelling tray is very versatile and can be used for different learning activities.

How to make a Flour Spelling Tray

Playful Life with Kids Teaching using Flour Spelling Tray 1

flour, clear tray, colored papers

*Tip: Paste or glue colored papers at the bottom of the paper so your child can see different colors while spelling. This can enhance the learning experience of the child. 

Two (2) Easy Activities

Flour Spelling Game: I made use of some of Enzo’s words in school to practice his spelling skills using the flour spelling tray. I made a list of words and ask him to spell using the flour spelling tray. He was hesitant at first because he was not used to writing using flour. But he enjoyed touching it and had fun looking at the letters in the flour spelling tray.

Find the Letter Flour Spelling Tray: We used the alphabet from Learning Resources and mixed it with the flour spelling tray. This time he needs to find the letters to correctly spell the word I ask him to spell.

Afterward, he played on his own using the flour spelling tray. He spelled his name and our names in the flour spelling tray and had fun showing it to me.



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3 thoughts on “Teaching using Flour Spelling Tray”

  1. Jasmin Binarao says:

    I wasn’t able to finish all the challenge since I made chocochip and carrot muffins 😂
    But my kids had fun,thanks to you..we will continue the other challenge once I bought flour again ❤️

  2. Donna Ria Mahayag says:

    sana soon ma try namin ng kids

    1. jhoanna says:

      Yes sis, sana itry nyo din:)

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