DIY: Moon Sand Sensory Tray

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Flour is really a versatile kitchen ingredient that you can use to teach and play. One of my favorite DIY that uses flour is a MOON SAND. I love its texture, and how it feels cold when played with. We once did this activity when Enzo was four and repeated it for our March Play Challenge. I’d say our second version of the moon sand is better than the first time. I also had friends who were asking about the specific measurements before but I did not have one. Now, when we did it for the second time I made sure I knew the specifics so it would be easier to share with others.

What is a MOON SAND?

Moon sand is a combination of flour and baby oil. It is called A moon sand as it resembles the surface particles of a moon. It is rubber-ish in texture and does not crumble easily like sand or kinetic sand. Moon sand is a perfect tool for a sensory play. I learned more about it from Laughing Kids Learn and how she used it to teach colors to her daughter.

How to Make a Moon Sand?

Making moon sand is super easy. It only needs two ingredients which are flour and baby oil. For some recipes, vegetable oil is used to make it safe and edible for babies and toddlers. In our case, it was OK to use baby oil as E already knows not to put stuff on his mouth when playing. DIY moon sand takes only about 3-5 minutes to make.


2 tbsp flour

1 tbsp baby oil

1 small container

Steps: Combine flour and baby oil. Mix well. Play!


How to Play with Moon Sand:

  • DINO DIG UP Sensory Moon Sand Tray: Use animal toobs (in our case, dinosaur toobs) and hide it inside the moon sand tray. We played pretend archaeologist and dug up some dinosaurs. He loved scooping and brushing the moon sand from the dinosaurs.Playful Life with Kids DIY Moon Sand Sensory Tray 2
  • Find me a Button Game: I have some colorful buttons and wanted to practice some of Enzo’s fine motor skills so I ask him to find a specific color of a button.Playful Life with Kids DIY Moon Sand Sensory Tray 3


Have you done a moon sand before? Share them with us!





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4 thoughts on “DIY: Moon Sand Sensory Tray”

  1. Sensory play is a great learning activity for young kids. Will try making moon sand nga for my nephew. 🙂

  2. Mumwrites says:

    This is not only an enjoyable activity to do with the little ones. It is also fun and educational. I bet Enzo had a blast digging up those little treasures. We have not tried this, though. If my little man were a bit younger, I am sure I will make some of this for him.

    1. jhoanna says:

      Salamat! hihi! Masaya siya!:)

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