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Playful Life with Kids Easy Playdough Recipe 1

Play dough is one of the toys that every child should be able to play with. It is very versatile and can stimulate one’s imagination. Here is a simple DIY play dough using flour recipe that you can do with your kids. I know buying one from the mall is a lot easier to do but doing it yourself at home can spark more learnings for our children.

Doing this easy playdough recipe can help you teach your children:

  • Math (measurement, volume)
  • Science (chemistry,  matter)
  • Values (waiting for their turn, following instructions)

It is also a good bonding moment with the family where everyone learns and creates something new. Now, sharing the easy playdough recipe here:


4 tbsp. of flour

2 tbsp. of salt

1 tbsp. vegetable oil

1/2 cup warm water

Food coloring


    1. Combine warm water and vegetable oil in a bowl. Mix.
    2. Add two to three drops of food coloring of your choice.
    3. In a separate bowl, mix all dry ingredients: flour and salt. Mix together.
    4. Pour the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients bowl and mix.
    5. Use your hand to turn the mixture into a dough.
    6. Add in some flour to make the dough drier.
    7. You’re all set to play.

This recipe can make one ball of playdough of your choice. You do more of this easy playdough recipe with your desired food coloring.

That is the easy playdough recipe you can do at home or share with your students. I read in some articles that in order to lengthen the shelf life of the easy playdough recipe it is good to add some cream of tartar. Store it in a clean dry container and its good for about a month to play with.

Why you should try this at home?

The best part of doing it ourselves is that our children learn that everything can be created. This way they can think more and do more. It might be easier and less expensive to buy them the ready to use ones but there is not so much discovery in it. The process of doing playdough gives them more experience which helps them acquire more stimulation. All the sensory stimulation contributes to their learning experience enhancing it even more. As more of their senses are used in experience the higher its retention to their learning. So let our kids discover more when they do more.

So just when you feel like buying them a new set of playdough, maybe you could consider this easy playdough recipe to do at home.


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