Rock-A-By-Mama: Mothers Pursuing their Passion

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Last Thursday, May 9, I attended the ProMama Rock-A-By-Mama Event at the Lazada Headquarters. It was also in that event that I met mothers pursuing their passion for music. These moms were one of the many music icons during my teen years. So coming to the event was a real Mother’s day treat for me.

Ms. Barbie Almalbis and Ms. Aia De Leon graced the afternoon and serenaded mommy bloggers at the Lazada and ProMama’s Rock-A-By-Mama event. Both are moms already who still remained true to their identity which is music. Ms. Barbie Almalbis shared that as a woman and a mother, it is important to not lose ourselves in the process of taking care of our family. She shares that the more moms take care of themselves, the more they can also take care of their families better. Ms. Aia De Leon on the other hand shares that her being a mother changed her, and the experiences she learned is what makes her who she is today.

The afternoon was truly inspiring as their lives are living testimonies that mothers can still pursue their passion. Rock-A-By-Mama is a great reminder that women can be who they want to be. If they want to be working mothers, stay-at-home mom, hands-on mom, or whatever one is called to be, then it is ok. I enjoyed listening to their music and their insights about being a mom. I loved how I can relate to them. It’s amazing how motherhood changed them both as a person and as a musician.

Rock-a-by-Mama: Mothers pursuing their PASSION

These mothers are reminders for all mommies that it is never late to pursue our passion. In addition, mothers do not need to sacrifice who they are just because they have become mothers. We need to look at motherhood as an added strength rather than a hindrance. I learned this when I took up my masters after Enzo turned one year old. I thought it was impossible or was too late but I realized its never too late to pursue what I wanted. It was even Enzo who made me braver to take on these dreams.

In our present times, it is only up to us whether or not we will maximize the opportunities presented to us. Nothing or no one has the power to take our dreams from us. It is always up to us to take the step to achieve them. Rock-a-by-Mama emphasizes on that as well.

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