Valuable Life Lessons of 2019

Valuable Life Lessons of 2019 in May?

I know you might be thinking that an article about valuable life lessons of 2019 article is too early. Actually, this is more of a post-2018 article. The life lessons were already shown to me last 2018 but it was only recently that I understood it.

So here are some of these valuable life lessons I learned.

#1: You don’t need to force people to see your worth, the right people will see it.

One of the most important life lessons I learned this. I have always been a pleaser. In short, I want people to like me. This means I make an effort to get along with most people. When others dislike me, I feel the need to try even harder. Consequently, I felt tired repeatedly proving myself to others. If people didn’t like a comment I said, I would try to compensate for it. I especially didn’t like the feeling of hurting other people. I would often adjust so other people would feel more comfortable. A lot of times I go way beyond what is expected of me, just so people can see my worth.

I am that kind of person. But I don’t regret doing anything that I have done for anyone or for anything. For the record, I did what I did, and at that moment I felt happy. I realized that I don’t need to prove anything to anyone anymore. It was a struggle for me. I am a reflective person, and I often hear myself saying, “Mabait naman akong tao” or “Magaling naman ako“, etc. It was as if I was convincing others that I was worthy. I needed to convince people I was a good person, and it was tiring.

This year I realize that my worth isn’t measured by the title I have. That my identity is not rooted in the position I serve. I was focusing on people who were not ready to see nor accept my worth so why do I bother so much. This realization was even made stronger in The Feast when the sermon was about being worthy only in the eyes of God. The only recognition I needed was God’s and not any other human being. This brings me to my second life lesson.

#2: Go where you are valued. Wherever you will be, people will love you.

I remember coming across this article, from which I cannot recall anymore. Maybe it was on Facebook, or a book, or just God’s message to me. It was a simple message saying that “Wherever you are, people will love you for you”. A life lesson I always remind myself as I tend to be critical of how people see me. As I mentioned in life lesson #1, I feared to be unlike.

#3: Your comfort zone is not always your Blooming Zone

Sometimes the very place you feel most comfortable with does not help you bloom as much. The more that you stay in one place that does not seem to challenge you, can make you complacent. Likewise, this comfort makes us stagnant and contented with the skills we have that we forget to explore. Thus, this half year made me realize there is so much that the world offers. There are a lot of opportunities that we can pursue.

But, of course, a comfort zone is COMFORTABLE. Why would they name it such if it is not easy to be there. Getting the first step towards your courage zone is the hardest, but as soon as you step on it, you will realize how easier it will get. Eventually.

#4: When you pray for something, be ready for your answered prayer.

It was this year that I fully experienced how GOD answers our deepest desires and prayers. There was a moment in the chapel where I prayed, “God your will be done.” But, ironically, as soon as he fulfilled His will, I complained. I acted hurt and felt betrayed so I kept asking why.

Until I recalled that moment. I prayed and it was answered, but apparently, I was not ready. So, when we pray, we should be brave to get our answers. Sometimes, it might not be the answer we want but it is GOD’s answers. And when He answers, we need to TRUST him completely.

#5: One’s rejection is God’s redirection.

I heard this before, but have not really understood it. When people refuse or reject us, we must be thankful for it. Their rejection means something better is in store for us. God knows everything. It is not spontaneous, everything is according to His plan. All the rejections we experience, are part of our EPIC story. Move forward, and wait patiently for God’s direction.

Life Lessons of 2019

It’s just half of the year, and I am so grateful for all these life lessons. These life lessons help me grow in faith that the Lord has something special for me. Likewise, I have never felt more favored than this year. I am very much looking forward to the next 6 months.


How about you? How’s the first 6 months of the year for you? What life lessons have you learned?


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