How to Encourage Active Play in our Children

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In the age of gadgets, and technology how do you encourage active play in your children?

Discussions about screen time use and how children nowadays are very much hooked on gadgets is always a hot topic. Many people believe that screen time or gadget use is a deterrent to a child’s development. Research states that there are a lot of ill effects of too much gadget use and screen time in children.

Gadget Use in our Home

Honestly speaking, Enzo uses gadgets and also has screen time use. However, he does not have his own gadget or phone. In this way, we control his use and also guides him in using one. I am an advocate to no screen time use for kids 0 – 24 months. But admittedly, I remember letting Enzo watch Youtube when he was about 10 months old. Luckily, I started my masters in Child Development so I learned that it wasn’t really recommended.


This is because 0-24-month-old children need more interactive and sensory play. Our neurons connect better when children experience new things like texture, temperature, and interactions with people. A gadget or screen does not have these. So, the experience they get through gadget or screen does not help their brains developed as much.

People might argue that their children learn English better, or learned shapes and colors easier through the use of a gadget. Yes, it may be true, but they also lose the capacity to discover and explore on their own. Discovery and exploration happen in real active play and not in touch-and-swipe play.

What is Active Play?

Active play, according to Climbing Frames,Β  is physical activity with regular bursts of a moderate to vigorous pace.Β Some examples of these are climbing, running, crawling, or jumping. It can occur indoor or outdoor, structure or unstructured settings. This mean that active play can be both intentional or unintentional. Likewise, it is recommended that children get 60 minutes each day.

Thus, it is crucial for parents to encourage their kids to have as much active play at home or outside every day.Β Here are some tips to encourage our children to active play:

Play-proof the house.

It is difficult to encourage active play at home if the house seem breakable. Have you noticed houses where you become so fearful of walking around because of the many displays it has? A house needs to be play-proof, where kids can explore their own active play.

Play-proofing the house is simple. You can buy puzzle mats for your flooring, foam walls, and some protective guards on your outlets so kids can explore the house without having you worried too much. If you also have toddlers and preschoolers, it would be best to just keep fragile things hidden first to prevent accidents and encourage active play. If they feel safe in your homes they would also feel the same with doing active play.

Go to parks or play areas instead of the malls.

I learned that its best to bring my child to parks, or open fields than to malls. For one, it lessens our impulsive expenses! Haha! And second, I notice how we talk about more topics when we are out. Whenever he is in active play in parks, and play areas, Enzo would come out with curious questions and new discoveries. Whenever he is able to run, jump, or climb, he also discovers more about himself. In addition, he also gains more confidence in running and jumping around. This month, we have been playing with his scooter in a park near us and I could see how his confidence increases every time.

Lessen or guide screen time use

Active play means moving around. This is exactly the opposite of gadget or screen time use. I actually get bothered seeing children sitting down for a long perion of time looking or playing at their gadgets. How could they do that with all the energy they have right? So, maybe rules can be set in using gadgets or lessen its usage. Believe me, it would do you good as well if you lessen you own screen time use. πŸ™‚

Wear fit-to-play clothing

Comfortable clothes make active play easier. As children are able to move around better encouraging them. Have you ever tried to jump with fitted pants? It’s really difficult, right? So, if we want our children to have an active play, their clothing should also enable them to such activities. A good pair of rubber shoes and cool clothing can do the trick with our children. Also, try to not worry too much if our kids make a mess of their clothes as long as we let them play.

Teach by doing

It is important for parents to have an active play or lifestyle as well. Our children pick up from us. If they see us lazy or staying as couch potatoes they would likely do the same. Parents need to show how active play is and actions are the best encouragement our kids need. The more they see that we maintain a lifestyle of active play, the more they’ll do the same. Jog with them, run around with them, or even play sports with them. A simple play of tag or langit-lupa can help them have an active play lifestyle and even learn practical values.

Active Play in the Family

Having an active lifestyle for our children depends on us, parents. As much as they would want to have active play, if their environment is not conducive for it then it would not be possible. Having an active lifestyle is a conscious effort and decision of every member of the family.

Share with us some active plays you do with your family. Comment them below. πŸ™‚

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30 thoughts on “How to Encourage Active Play in our Children”

  1. Meldy Natividad says:

    I encourage them by first making sure our home is play friendly, I’m not strict when they scatter their toys as long as they enjoy playing with it and we have an agreement to put it back to their places after playing. I also make sure that me as a Mom is not only there to watch what they’re doing but to also enjoy each moment with them. It’s a great feeling whenever I have the opportunity to play with them… Not only because it’s enjoyable but it’s also my way of knowing their character better.

    1. jhoanna says:

      Aww, sis Meldy! Ang galing same tayo ng philosophy. Ganyan din ako kahit minsan natatambakan na ng gawaing bahay, pag gusto makipaglaro go lang ng go hihi!

  2. Shiela Gatchalian says:

    Most of the time browsing in the internet ang laging hobbit ng anak ko..Pero lagi kong sinasabi sa kanya na masama at hindi maganda ang pag iinternet kung hindi naman for educational purposes..Kaya simula nuon she goes play outside every afternoon kasama ang mga kaibigan niya..They play taya-tayaan, teacher-teacheran and many more..Ganyan na ka active ang paglalaro niya

    1. jhoanna says:

      Ay ang saya! I remember my childhood days, pagdating ng hapon pwede nang lumabas at makipaglaro sa mga kapitbahay!

  3. julie tagum olleres says:

    for me po pra ma encourage natin cla na mag laro sa mga nkagawian nting laro noon cguro wag po natin clang sanayin na humawag ng kung ano anong gadgets para sa gayon d cla masanay sa mga technology.

    1. jhoanna says:

      Oo nga Julie, tama na hindi sila masanay para hindi din nila hahanapin diba?

  4. Jasmin Binarao says:

    Active play namin ng mga kids ko usually biking outside.. Medyo hindi safe ung park near us and playroom in malls are too expensive for me.
    I have 7years old and 2years old, I just give my phone when it 15% para talagang limited Ang screen time niya. She would unusually just watch nursery rhymes, her videos on my gallery or play puzzles in my phone.

    1. jhoanna says:

      Ay oonga sis, ako din di gaanong nagpupunta sa mga play areas sa mall. hihi. Talagang park lang kami dito malapit. Para nature at wala masyadong gastos.

  5. Russelea Abojon Guirigay says:

    Favorite bonding na namin mag laro sa labas with lo .
    Hinahayaan ko sya maglaro at nakasubaybay naman ako hindi mapapalitan yung saya nya habang naglalaro kasama ang ibang bata ..

  6. Russelea Abojon Guirigay says:

    Favorite bonding na namin maglaro sa labas with lo hinahayaan ko sya makipaglaro kasama ang ibang bata .. Namasid naman ako . hindi mapapalitan ang saya niya habang nag lalaro..

  7. Di pa ako relate sa ganyan kasi 9months old palang kasi anak Ko but someday gusto ko rin na maranasan niya yung maglaro sa labas kasama yung anak ng kapitbahay namin. Mas panatag pa ako na more on activity siya kaysa gadgets lang nilalaro niya lalaki siyang puro internet lang ang alam sa labas kasi mas active siya pinapawisan mas strong siya hindi mahina katawan . Playing outside is one of the best childhood memories.

  8. Monjj seliva says:

    D rin po kami makapunta sa mga play areas sa mall malayo po kasi. Sa mga park Lang po kami pumupunta. Malapit at dp magastos enjoy PA kami lalo na ang Anak ko….

  9. I have two kids mommy 9 years old and 7 years old. Most of the time mommy asa labas mga anak ko nakikipaglaro sa mga kapitbahay namin kaya na explore talaga ang paglalaro sa labas. Pinapayagan ko naman ko naman sila mga gadgets pag yung my assignment sila sa school kasi dun sila nag sesearch ng mga assignment nila..

  10. Michaela Bautista says:

    Ikukuwento ko kung gano kasaya ang mga laro dati. Then lalaruin namin. Na mas masaya at enjoy ang paglalaro ng walang gadgets.

  11. cecile de leon says:

    I encourage them with safe and child friendly environment. Lagi akong nakatutok sa paglalaro ng bunso ko. I also allowed to interact my eldest on the street para maging street smart siya. Syempre in our supervision. Di pedeng sya lang mag-isa. Lastly talagang binabantayan ko yung bunso turning 3 ko kasi suplada. Nang-aaway lagi ng ibang bata. Tinuruan ko din silang maghulog ng barya sa alkansya . Kasi ang mga bata ngayon nakakalunok nito. Yung bunso kong mag 3 years old. Ayun tuwing makakakita ng barya derecho sa alkansya kahit 25 cents pa sya. Less worry na ko na di yun malulunok. Active na active ang bunso ko maglaro lately. Madaling araw na kami natutulog. Hinahayaan ko lang kasi para maging happy siya at hindi maging stubborn basta lagi lang natin silang bantayang mabuti.

  12. Aidelyn Fajilan says:

    On my 23rd months old baby girl, active play namin tuwing hapon is pamamasyal dito sa mga kapitbahay namin, dahil sobrang likot na ako ay habol dito habol doon. Kapag dito naman sa loob ng bahay hinahayaan ko lang siyang maglaro ng kanyang mga laruan ang nangyayari sobrang kalat pero okay lang dahil alam ko namang nag eenjoy ang aking anak. Binabantayan ko naman sya at syempre tinuturuan na din kung anong mga kulay at shape ng kanyang mga nilalaro sa ganung paraan hindi lang siya naglalaro natututo din siya. Once a week naman dinadala namin siya sa community park para naman makapag laro siya sa mga palaruan. Sobrang sarap sa pakiramdam ang makitang masaya at nag eenjoy ang aking baby habang naglalaro.

  13. Roselle Untalan says:

    Ako po tinatago ko minsan cellphone ko at sinasabihan ko maglaro. Pero syempre para maencourage po siya sasamahan ko po siya maglaro. Madalas may kasama pa ako story tellying para mas maging lively yung play namin at hindi siya mabored agad. Tapos hinahayaan ko po siya sa gusto niya laro kung hide and seek man yan paulit ulit. ok lang po sa akin basta po request niya.

    1. Mhej Bacay says:

      My house is so messy but I have happy children. My house is a simple area where they can play. Im happier seing them playing each other than holding gadgets or watching television. I always encourage them for active play even at home. I talk to them that playing with other kids is better that sitting and watching. I tell them to play each other and play with their toys. They can also do ball games at home or art activities. I let them do their food or snacks. I join them. My household chores can wait but the time spent with them is my priority. We can clean up the mess after but the real joy in active play cannot be erased. I let them play outside during a good weather with other kids. I loved bringing them in parks and playround with the other kids with real grass to step on or lie down and a good air to breathe . At school, I encourage them playing or do some extra curricular activities with other kids.

      For us to encourage our kids for active play, we should be the leader, they must see us that we do it also than staring all day with our phone or sitting in the couch watching our favorite movies. Best is to join them. Let’s be creative for a fun-filled active play!

  14. LOVELY CELIS says:

    Na eencorouge ko maglaro ang aking mga anak Dahil nakagawian na namin magplaytime sa labas tuwing hapon bike o di kaya sa park dahil may play ground at walking distance lang naman ang pagitan

  15. Emcel Fajardo says:

    Saamin may oras lang din ang gadget, Inaaya ko maglaro kami ng lego tapos sabihin ko pagandahin namin hanggang kapag nalilibang na siya iniiwan ko na kahit makalat kahit masakit kapag naapakan at mas maganda may kalaro sila para mas matagal na oras sila naglalaro kasi nakakahasa din naman ng isipan yun at kapag wala pasok sa hapon naman ang mag bike sa park kasi maganda exercise yun.

  16. Mona Malibiran says:

    I play with them specially with my toddler. I bring her to play park and encourage her to play and interact with the kids there. She really enjoys playing outside.πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

  17. Mona Malibiran says:

    I play with my kids specially my toddler. I bring her to a play park and encourage her to play and interact with the kids. She really enjoys playing outside and interact with other kids. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

  18. I play with my kids specially my toddler. I bring her to a play park and encourage her to play and interact with other kids. She really enjoys playing outside and doing active play. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

  19. Mutya Bautista says:

    Kinukuha ko yung phone sa kanya kapag inagaw niya yung phone at inilalabas ko siya at hinahayaan na pumunta sa aming kapitbahay

  20. Nerisa Dulay Cabugao says:

    I encourage my kids to play outside with other children,through that he meets new friends,he enjoy playing with them,he actively enjoying playing different kind of games such as batohang tsinelas,hide and seek,taya tayaan and others active games. Through that he developed his interactive to others. I dont encourage him to play games in my cellphone,thats why i let him out and explored.

  21. Donna Ria Mahayag says:

    ay jan po ako hirap kasi ako ever since ayaw ko talaga sila sa gadgets pero si hubby grabe dumating sa point na pag aawayan pa namin. pero naliwanagan naman ayun balik laro ulit sila parang yung dati, habulan tayaan bato bato pik syempre ako promotor i really encourage them para pagpawisan kasi may times na parang pagod pagod sila pero nakaupo lang. ang saya namin naging bonding na namin mag ina.

    1. jhoanna says:

      Tama tayong mga magulang talaga ang dapat maging PROMOTOR ng mga laro. Masarap yung feeling na pagod at masaya dahil sa laro ng sama sama

  22. Angelie Namindang says:

    Since yung mga anak ko lumaki sa probinsiya, hindi po kasi uso dun yung mga gadgets kaya sa ay po talaga sila maglaro sa labas.. Lalo na yung panganay ko, mahilig maglaro ng basketball, nagmana sa lolo niya.. Kaya pag nagpaalam sa akin na maglaro sila ng basketball pinapayagan ko para naman ma enjoy niya yung moment.. Pero kailangan may bilin, na dapat sa ganitong oras kailangan nasa bahay na.. Sumusunod din naman.. Kaya hindi ko sila pinagbawalan as long as tapos nakatuka sa kanilang ng gawaing bahay. Kaya subrang proud talaga ako sa mga anak ko, kasi malaking tulong na sa akin.. Maranung na kasi sa mga gawaing bahay, kaya maasahan ko po talaga.. Pag laki probinsiya po kasi, sanay sa mga gawaing bahay.. Super proud of them..

    1. jhoanna says:

      wow ang galing naman. Yan ang nakakatuwa sa probinsiya, may lugar para mapaglaruan, saka maraming makakalaro. nakakamiss. Galing ng mga anak mo πŸ™‚

  23. Veronica A. Paraiso says:

    I encourage active play in my daughter by simply doing our home the better play to start an active play.Now that technology is fast moving , i do not let her go on the flow of loving those techie gadgets.I encourage her through small activity that will enhance her learning capacity.
    There so much activity that would make our child happier even without techie things.
    I really love how my daughter explore the world and learn new things with her own.

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