Tips to Start a Family Wellness Routine

Playful Life with Kids Tips to Start a Family Wellness Routine 5

I’ll be sharing with you some of our tips to start a family wellness routine that we tried last month of June. Do you and your family have a wellness routine?

To be honest, I’m kind of a “ningas-kugon” wellness or health conscious kind of person. I have days when I am pumped up to workout but there are also sluggish days that I just want to lie down and do nothing. However, as my little boy is growing, I find that he has too much energy which makes him hard to handle at times. He’d be jumping up and down the bed, running inside our unit, or get cranky at times just because he doesn’t know where to place all his energy.

So it was so timely for Watsons Ph to send our family a wellness goodie bag to start a healthy routine. The goodie bag contained every family’s basic needs to ensure each member stays beautiful and healthy inside and out. In addition, it was a great start for a wellness routine for the whole month of June. With the goodie bag, I didn’t have an excuse to start on a healthy routine. It was also a good opportunity for me to include the entire family into a month-long routine of wellness.

Playful Life with Kids Tips to Start a Family Wellness Routine  1

Playful Life with Kids Tips to Start a Family Wellness Routine  2

Tips to start a Family Wellness Routine

  1. Stick to a morning routine.

    One of the struggles I have is waking up in the morning at the same time. My work schedule differs every three months, so there are days that I wake up early or late. Doing so makes it difficult for me to have a consistent plan. Admittedly, there are times I am not able to prepare breakfast for Enzo, or I wake up cranky. So what hubby and I agreed was to wake up early consistently in the morning. We wake up early so we can eat breakfast together. We are also able to prepare food for Enzo when he wakes up. Another morning routine that we tried was drinking Organique Acai Berry Juice. I have been seeing this product from billboards, ads, and facebook but never had the chance to try it. It was because I thought it would taste awkward or yucky. Surprisingly it tastes good!Playful Life with Kids Tips to Start a Family Wellness Routine  3

  2. Daily light exercise and physical activity for Enzo. 

    I have days where I love to workout but to be honest I haven’t worked out for a while. It was only last June when I started doing some light exercises (Thank you, Watsons for the motivation). I know when I feel heavy and unhealthy and I knew I had to make more effort into doing light exercises. Good thing, I started my training at The Learning Library DML branch so I had some walking exercise in the morning. I had a choice to ride the tryke but I chose to walk about 4 blocks every day.  Likewise, hubby and I agreed to schedule Enzo’s physical activity for the month. It was a perfect way for him to also use his scooter. We schedule twice a week physical activity for him that includes jogging, scooter, or basketball training. Playful Life with Kids Tips to Start a Family Wellness Routine  4

  3. Wellness on-the-go. 

    Being a commuter it is so easy to get stressed out with traffic, heat, and other people. This is why I make sure I have my easy wellness-on-the-go products to keep me calm and stress-free. Similarly, like any other family wellness routine, it is very important to stay healthy even when we are away from home. This is why I am so happy to have my Freshko Aromatherapy when I commute.


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  4. Better Bedtime routine. 

    Getting a good night sleep seems to be difficult for me these past few days. It is because of a lot of things to be done like work requirements, new training, school preparations, and a lot more. So we decided to have a better bedtime routine by having a warm bath, zero-gadgets at bedtime, and taking our supplements at night. Of course, we use our bath essentials from Watsons plus our USANA supplements as well. All our bathe essentials come from Watsons because of their wide variety and affordable products. We also tried a no gadget zone when in the bed so we can let our minds rest. The warm bath and calm mind made sleeping easier for the three of us. This is one of my favorite part of our family wellness routine.

    Benefits of a having Family Wellness Routine

    After doing our wellness routine for a month we feel a lot healthier and happier as a family. Planning a wellness routine for the entire family makes it easier for us to make time for ourselves together. At the same time, it made us closer to each other as we had bonding moments while keeping ourselves healthy. Moreso, life may be busy but it is important to take care of oneself and the family. We cannot give what we do not have to others. So if we want a healthy family we should also be healthy ourselves.

Watsons Keeping the Family Beautiful Inside and Out

Starting and maintaining a family wellness routine need not be complicated with Watsons. It is a one-stop shop for all the members of the family. From babies to elders, everyone would surely have what they need to feel beautiful inside and out. So start your family’s wellness routine and look good and feel great! This is our family’s wellness routine and we will continue to add more to our journey! Join us!

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  1. Nhet Mendoza says:

    Awww. Thank you!
    Yung sa morning routine di ako consistent, inom ng water minsan nakakalimutan ko.
    Okay lang ba yung laging naghahalf bath momsh kahit pagod sa maghapon di ba nakakapasma?
    Totoo kasi talaga masarap tulog kapag naghuhugas or naligo sa gabi.

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