Duck Day Manila 2019

Duck Day Manila 2019 Playful Life with Kids 1

One of this year’s grandest product launch happened last September 10, Tuesday at Conrad Hotel and Resort, Manila. Duck Day Manila is a collaboration between Donny’s Choice and BR Group Thailand to highlight the duck industry in the country. This partnership showcased the cultures of both Philippines and Thailand through dances, songs and delectable cuisines.

Duck Industry in the Philippines

Did you know that the duck production in the Philippines is the second largest poultry industry in the country? According to Pinoy Negosyo, raising duck for commercial purposes is a lucrative livestock industry. With this, the two companies have seen how this industry can be beneficial to the country.

Duck Day Manila Celebration

The occasion filled the guest with delicious duck dishes from celebrity chefs in the country. The main ingredient of each recipe was duck meat. In effect, it showed the versatility of the duck in different entrees. Pinoy celebrity chefs Gene Gonzales, Rosebud Benitez and Pablo “Boy” Logro made use of Dalee to create mouthwatering dishes. Guests tried different dishes from celebrity chefs and were asked to answer some survey tests on the duck products. All the dishes prepared were delicious as it gives the duck meat a new taste and experience.

My Experience of Duck Day Manila 2019

It was a great night for me. I got to try different duck dishes and the Dalee products were the highlight of it all. Admittedly, it was the first time I have eaten that amount of Duck and I never would have guessed some dishes were made of duck meat. Also, I felt proud that our duck industry is booming and gaining popularity even with other countries. The presence of the some government officials also shows a good indicator that the country is taking the duck production as a way to help not only our economy but our people as well.

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