How to Teach Colors to your Toddlers using Megablocks

How to Teach colors to Toddlers using Megablocks Playful Life with Kids 1

This blog post first appeared in my other site but I wanted to share this to all of you here again. You might wonder how to teach colors to your toddlers and so you might want to try this by using Megablocks.

Having a child is an amazing experience. I get to see how my child grows and develops and it is fascinating how much children can learn and acquire knowledge.

Though I don’t have a specific curriculum for Enzo (yet) I try to make each new encounter is a learning experience for him. Whether we play a new game, explore a new toy, read a new book, or visit new places, I make sure he gets as much information as he could.

Last week, I have been reading about teaching colors to toddlers. Enzo surprises me with his intelligence and how much he can absorb what I teach him so I tried teaching him colors. I specifically used his favorite toy Mega Blocks First Builders for our color lessons. It was a gift to him by his Ninang last Christmas and I’d say it is a toy worth to have. He loves playing with it and he has done different buildings, cars thru it. I really love this toy as much as Enzo does.

Here’s the step by step activity you can do to teach your tots about colors:

1. Choose two colors for the initial activity. I chose red and blue because those are the colors we often mention to Enzo.
2. Then place both color blocks in a box altogether.
3. Then initiate the sorting of the blocks by color to your child. Mention the color of the blocks every time to your child. Tip: Ensure your child looks at the color while you say it.
4. Let your child do the sorting. Make sure to still say the color out loud so they could associate the color with its name.
5. Be patient in teaching and if your child makes a mistake, just show them how and try again. Enzo made errors at first but now can sort through blue and red very easily.
6. You can add on more colors gradually. I taught him yellow and green using the same blocks and he now can understand it but we still need more practice.
7. If your child can’t get it yet, don’t fret because they will soon. Just repeat the colors everywhere and anywhere you see the colors. That’s how we reinforce the colors with Enzo.
8. Let your child listen to color songs and books so the lesson can be reinforced more.

You can also use other toys that you have at home to teach colors and just follow the concept of repeating the colors to your child. That is how they assimilate and accommodate information. Just remember to always praise each development your child does and provide a positive learning environment for them.

Do you have other activities for teaching colors? Please share them with me!;)

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