How to Keep your Child Kuto-Free

How to Keep your Child Kuto-Free Playful Life with Kids 3

When a child starts schooling one of the problems parents need to deal with is how to keep them kuto-free. I remember an instance where my niece got a bad case of “lisa” and how inconvenient it was for her and the entire family. Good thing, we found an easy cure for treatment and prevention of lisa and kuto. So how does one keep our children from being Kuto-free?

  1. Teach proper hair hygiene. A habit, when taught at an early age, will benefit them in the long run. Some proper hair hygiene would include washing the hair everyday, and using their own personal combs or brushes. Lisa and Kuto spreads easily so sharing other people’s comb can transfer it from person to person. But, it is important to also know that even people with healthy and clean scalp can get infected.
  2. Debunk misconceptions about kuto and lisa. There’s a lot of misconception about lisa and kuto which I believed like exposure to sun can lead to it, or it cannot infect people with short hair or that boys can’t have it. These are some misconceptions that when not address would only worsen the case of kuto and lisa in children or would not prevent it from happening.
  3. Prevention is better than cure. Lisa and Kuto cannot thrive on hair if it is prevented. A once a week treatment for lisa and kuto can help prevent it instead of just treating it when it happens. This is a good tip I learned from Licealiz’s Kilusang Kontra Kuto in different schools in Luzon.

Lamoiyan Corporation’s Licealiz Head Lice Treatment shampoo rolled out its Kilusang Kontra Kuto year 4, a yearly nationwide shampooing activity in its commitment to battle head lice infestation or pediculosis and eliminate the social stigma associated with it. It is in partnership with Department of Education that the corporation visited 30 schools nationwide and shampoo-ed around 6,000 head lice infested students. Sample sachets products were also distributed within the surrounding communities.

This is a great opportunity to educate not just the students but even adults as well on the proper prevention and treatment of head lice. Having head lice is really irritating and unhealthy for children’s scalp. In the event, Dr. Ria Valdez, a dermatologist debunk led the talk about the proper prevention for head lice infestation and debunked several misconceptions surrounding it. They also taught the proper way of treating head lice through proper shampooing and using proper tools to remove head lice from the hair. It was a great way to teach children and parents on the importance of prevention to keep children kuto-free.

How to keep your child kuto-free playful life with kids 1

This event is in partnership with Deped, Drugstores Association of the Philippines (DSAP) and Mommy Bloggers Philippines to further spread the correct information about pediculosis and widely reach grass roots level.

How to Keep your Child Kuto-Free Playful Life with Kids 2

Lamoiyan Corporation is inviting everyone to join their fight against head lice and be part of the Kilusang Kontra Kuto Year 4. To know more about the activities of Kilusang Kontra Kuto, visit

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