MBP Pre Halloween Party: A Treat to Remember

MBP Pre Halloween Party Playful Life with Kids 3

Since I became a mom, a Halloween party is my top priorities to celebrate. One of the reasons I enjoy it is I party with my son, Enzo, plus I also get to bond with some other friends. This year, Mommy Bloggers Philippines, had a return of their Halloween party at McDonald’s.

McDo Party

It was a pre-Halloween party with over 16 mom and child in McDonald’s BGC Forum branch. The event started at around 9am with kids in their cute and adorable costumes. Of course, my mommy friends and I had non-stop chitchat while waiting for the program to start.

MBP Halloween Party: A Treat to Remember Playful life With Kids 1

The program went smooth and entertaining. The games were appropriate for the kid’s age, and they made sure that everyone enjoyed the games, even the parents. There were games for the kids, like Bring Me and Cheer Game. There were also games for us moms, that we really enjoyed. It was the best way to spend time with our kids, and have some bonding moments with our mommy friends. Kudos to the party hosts who were very energetic, fun, and graceful. He made sure that every child was able to join the games, and that all participants were happy.

MBP Pre Halloween Party Playful Life with Kids 2

After the program, we were served with our favorite McDo food like Spaghetti, Chicken, Fries, and Sundae. It was truly a memorable experience for everyone. Now we are considering throwing Enzo his 7th birthday party with McDonald’s!

Kidzania VisitMBP Pre Halloween Party Playful Life with Kids 4

After the program in McDonald’s, the kids get to visit Kizania Manila. Kidzania prepared for a Carnival Themed Halloween where the kids got a sneak peek before it became open to other guests. The kids were able to try different professions in the city and although it was Enzo’s second time there he still had a blast. He tried the other areas in the city like being a pilot in Cebu Pacific’s airplane, made music in Star Studio Music, and many others. It was really enjoyable and amazing experience for us.

Halloween may be horrific for others but for us it was a wonderful event. Especially with Mommy Bloggers Philippines, McDonald’s and Kidzania Manila.

Thank you to all the sponsors!

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