How to turn Laundry Time to Couple Bonding Time

Isa sa mga ginagawa namin together mag-asawa ay ang paglalaba. Sa totoo lang mas magaling maglaba sa akin ang asawa ko. Mas metikuloso kasi siya saka gusto niya talagang sure siya sa linis at bango ng mga labahin namin.

Kaya naman ang swerte ko kasi ang hirap talaga maglaba diba? At isa pang gusto ko kapag naglalaba kami ay yung bonding moments namin. Nakakapagkwentuhan din kami habang naglalaba. At paminsan minsan nakakapagshare din siya ng mga tips nya sa paglalaba. Kaya naisip kong ishare din ito sainyo:

1. Maglaba in batches. All uniforms, underwear, shorts, and pants together. For a family of three, living in a small space, we need to make wash in batches due to our limited space. We stick to a schedule of laundry so as not to pile them up into overwhelming size.

2. Use a container to put the detergent in. With this, he is able to measure the amount of powder he uses in a batch of laundry. It’s funny how he gets excited with just uses a small amount in our laundry but it still cleans perfectly.

3. Maximize the sunlight. My husband loves to do the laundry and dry it up in our veranda. He likes it when the sun is up when he does the laundry because he gets it faster to dry.

4. My husband swears by Ariel detergent powder. Ever since he got to try Ariel on our clothes, he doesn’t use any other product anymore. For him, Ariel is the only detergent that keeps our clothes looking new, fresh, and clean with or without drying it in the sun.


Nakakatuwa na yung simpleng gawaing bahay nagiging bonding moment pa rin pra sa aming mag-asawa. Minsan din kasi mahirap humanap ng oras para magkwentuhan kaya looking forward din ako pag naglalaba kami. Mas nakikilala ko din ang aking asawa at natututo ako sakanya. Basta daw ang request nya lang ay Ariel ang gagamitin namin
and as a “tipid” mom, it’s another perk for me.

Ariel is a “sulit” choice for us and a top option for value because of its superior cleaning in just 1 wash. We get both the quality and value for our laundry care.
He swears by Ariel as it effectively removes tough stains in Enzo’s white uniform like chocolate drinks, chocolate candies, ballpen inks, and pencil marks. Even with our bedsheets and pillow covers, he uses Ariel detergent because of its smell and fresh look after wash. We don’t even use so much powder in our laundry because with just a small amount it is able to do the job excellently. It is also so easy to use for handwash or machine wash. Just dissolve one scoop for normal load, approximately 20 to 25 clothing and soak for at least 30 minutes and then wash as usual. Ang daming nalalabhan with just a few scoops of Ariel powder.

So, for other moms out there, try Ariel Detergent Powder, super sulit and effective in removing tough stains in our clothes. At dahil tipid living tayo, dapat dun tayo sa mabilis magtanggal ng stains in just one wash, walang amoy kulob, at sulit sa budget. Mas masaya gawin ang paglalaba kapag kasama ang asawa at syempre ang Ariel.

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