How to Keep your Kids Busy at Home: Free Online Activities for your Kids

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Now that children are at home with their parents because of the Enhanced Community Quarantine, it can be quite a challenge to keep them busy and entertained. Schools have also been cut which also posed a challenge to the learnings of the children. Though there are a lot of challenging situations, a silver lining I can see is that more and more people offer online resources for kids to help them cope up with the situation as well.

It is such a wonder how artists, musicians, teachers, and all other people come together and offer their skills and knowledge for free in these trying times. It also has helped me as a parent to keep my child sane and away from unlimited gadget use. So I summed up some online resources we are using to keep the children busy at home.

1. Robert Alejandro’s Live Online Art Classes on Facebook
Kuya Robert offers online art class to children every 10am in his facebook account. He will also start an adult mindfulness art class on his IG live. Follow him here:  Robert Alejandro FB

2. Adarna House’s Eskuwelaro on YouTube

Adarna House at Raya School offers a series of storytelling, singing, and discussing the Filipino Alphabet. Join them every 10Am on their youtube page here: Eskuwelaro

3. Scholastic Learn at Home Reading Program

If you want to practice your child’s reading and comprehension skills, Scholastic offers a free 20 day reading program you can do it at home. Their program ranges from Pre-K to Grade 9 students. It’s super easy to do and has an exercise for each day. It’s a short activity to help them learn new things and read books. Check them out here:

4. Cosmic Kids Yoga

If you want to introduce your kids to yoga, Cosmic Kids Yoga is a good channel for that. It is yoga, meditation, and mindfulness in one created specifically for kids. It’s also fun and easy to follow. You can try it out here:

It is important to keep kids busy at times like this to maintain their mental health. Kids are kids and in situations like this, it is crucial to make their experience educational and enjoyable at the same time. Joining our kids in these activities can also save us our sanity, right?

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