Mind S-Cool: Our Science Dream School

Mind S-Cool: Our Science Dream School Playful Life with Kids 1

Since we are homeschooling this year, I am always on the lookout for resources we can use to supplement our lessons. This is the first time, we are doing this so I could use all the help I could get. There are subjects that require more preparation than others, especially if it interests Enzo. Science is one subject he told he wanted to learn when I asked him before we started homeschooling. He is very interested in it which is why I am also doing my own research for it. Good thing there are a lot of online resources that are available that could help me with it.

Aside from worksheets and printables, I love how interactive media and TV shows are able to teach Enzo different topics about Science. That is why I am so excited to join the online launch of Mind S-Cool, the first Science and Art Educational TV Program amidst the pandemic.

Mind S-Cool: First Science and Art Educational TV Program

This will be aired by CNN Philippines that uses science and art in tackling different topics that are strongly tied to the K-12 curriculum while connecting to real-world situations. This is a project of Bonifacio Art Foundation Inc., (BAFI) to contribute to the learning experience of Filipino students all over the country. It is the same group that brought us The Mind Museum and the BGC Arts Center, both located in Taguig. It is BAFI’s contribution not only to adapt to the new normal but to seize the opportunity to fill the gaps in the basic education courses across age-groups towards a direction that will help create a citizenry who will act to restore us to an even better normal.

This is such good news for all parents now, that education is in our homes and online. It can help us with teaching our kids in a more entertaining way and wherein it would encourage more questions from our kids. We were also fortunate enough to watch the first episode and it was a hit with Enzo. It is bilingual and so it is easy to understand for all learners.

Mind S-Cool TV Series

Mind S-Cool: Our Science Dream School Playful Life with Kids 1

The series is hosted by two Mind Movers of the Mind Museum. In each episode, they will be visited by interesting and engaging personalities from different industries helping them unveil the answer to all connected questions via engaging ways like experiments, show-and-tell with exhibits and illustrations, stories, and even difficult conversations.

Mind S-Cool will kick-off its first episode with a narrative entitled “What in the World is Going On?” to give insights on the current situation brought about by the pandemic. All episodes are in Tag-lish. It will air on CNN Philippines, Free Tv Ch. 9 Cignal Ch. 10, Sky Cable ch. 14 every Saturdays at 8:30 am and replays at 4:30 PM. They also have a Livestream¬† on www.cnnphilippines.com/videos.


For more information, like them on their facebook: Mind S-Cool

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