Get your Lactum 6+ Plain Powdered Milk Drink on Shopee

Life may be limited nowadays as we need to stay home to keep our families safe. Though this is the new normal, our family’s needs are still the same. When it comes to food, it is important that children’s nutrition is complete and well-balanced. For parents like me, it is essential that my child drink milk and though I don’t usually go out to do our groceries, I can still get it through Shopee. Shopee is really convenience at my fingertips. What I also love about it is that there are official stores where I am guaranteed that the products are genuine and legit.

Here’s some good news, Lactum Powdered Milk is now on Shopee! What’s even better is that they have their official store in Shopee Mall. Now, it is even more convenient to buy Lactum 6+ Plain Powdered Milk Drink. No need to look for it in the grocery or stores because you can easily add them to cart and check out.

Lactum helps provide 100% nourishment with 3 balanced meals a day. Formulated with essential nutrients from the Food Pyramid and available in plain and chocolate flavors. Buy your Lactum  6+ Plain Powdered Milk on Shopee for other huge discounts and online deals.

You can check out their Shopee Official Store here: 

Download the Shopee app for easy process and transaction. 




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