Celebrate the Season with your Furbabies with Pedigree available on Shopee

I am a dog lover.

But it was only this year that I was able to care for yet another Puppy. Yey! We are currently staying at our parents’ house and luckily for us, the house dog gave birth to two puppies last August. Such a funny story about how it was also the same day as Enzo’s 7th birthday. Since I was longing for a new pet, I told my dad to keep them and he agreed. We originally had two puppies but unfortunately the black one, Oreo died of Parvo. It was then that we decided to bring Milky (the white puppy) to the vet and get him his needed medicines and vaccine. The doctor also advised us to give him nutritious and healthy food and snacks. Just look how big he is! This is Milky only two months old. He’s such a “kulit” puppy but he is also sweet. Super takaw nya din! It’s as if di nabubusog with the food we give him.

The Search for the Best Dog Food

So being a furmama, I looked for dog food to give him. Yes he might be an Aspin but he deserves the best, too! (Grabe and I just realized now that this feels like having a second child.haha!) Anyway, aside from being a furmama, I am also a Shopee enthusiast, haha! This is because Shopee has everything I need, and yes, even DOG FOOD!


So, searching thru the Shopee Phone App (download it now, so easy to shop with this on your phone) I found Pedigree Official Store and this Furmama is sooooo happy! It has all that we need as pet parents for our cats and dogs. They have all our pets needs from puppies to dogs, and kittens to cats. It so easy to shop and they also offer lots of discounts.

Here are some of the treats and foods I ordered for our little Milky:


Iams Dry Dog Food Puppy 450g P150.00

High-quality premium dog food with quality Chicken protein, rich in nutrients for pregnancy, lactation and growth. It provides essential nutrients and carbohydrates for healthy energy food with FOS natural prebiotic and wholesome fiber for healthy digestions

Pedigree Tasty Bites Pockets Milk 60g Php95 SaleP65

These little bites are perfect for treats for our puppies. It has added vitamins, minerals, and Omega 3. Its chewy, moist, and meaty chunks are perfect for enjoying anytime.

Cesar Lamb Wet Dog Food Set of 3 (100g) Php216

For special occasions, we can treat our lovable pets with this gourmet dog food and treat that lamb, vegetable oil, essential vitamins, and minerals. Definitely the best reward for our cute little babies.

Pedigree Adult Wet Dog Food Beef Pouch 12 packs (130g) and Chicken Pouch 12 packs (130g)

Php840 Sale Php 743

This wet dog food is good for skin health and makes dog hair shine. It also helps with bone health, digestion, and makes their muscles grow stronger. It comes in different flavors of Chicken and Beef, too!


So this Christmas, why not get your furbabies their gifts as well and make them feel more loved. Shop at Shopee this 12.12 and get the best deals and discounts for you and your furkids!


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