The Highlights of my New Normal Year

The “New Normal” year has passed.

It’s the 5th of January, and although I have been meaning to write my year 2020 essay, I just couldn’t find the energy or the motivation to do it. But since tomorrow is work day again, I decided to just open my laptop and start doing what needs to be done. (but, believe me, it took a lot of hours before I could finally write this paragraph).

So anyway, the year 2020 has gone so quickly and though we are stuck or safe at home I choose to look at the good things I have received than to think of what I have lost. At present, being safe and healthy is one of the greatest blessings of 2020. To start the year with optimism and motivation, reminiscing about the ups and downs of the year that past is a must. So sharing with you the lessons I gained last 2020.

Family is what matters most. 

Yep! I’m sure you would agree with me that the pandemic has brought families closer together. For some families, this is the longest they have spent together with each other. For some parents, it could be the first time they actually see how their children are in (online) school. For children, this is the first time, they are not able to spend their vacations out-of-town, or the first time they spent their birthday at home.

But isn’t it the best feeling ever? To be able to teach our kids everything from household chores to managing their gadget use, to doing their modules? To see our partners, pursue a new hobby or a project that’s long overdue. To get to know our parents again and find out their new interests. For us to be able to work and be with our family 24/7.

For six months already, we have been spending our time with our parents, and brother, sis-in-law, and cousins, and memories are formed. We have done a lot of things in all our stay, and we have also been bored with our wits but we are happy. We see each other every day, plan celebrations together, have movie nights, and just do everything together. I would always go back to the year 2020 and know that we had our hearts’ tanks full.

Not everything goes your way, but you carry on.

Nothing was ever expected. But everything has to be accepted.

I learned to just calm myself and control my emotions and look at what is most important (go back to the family). That a lot of things may go against us, but eventually, all will work out fine. There were moments that I didn’t understand what was happening or why it was happening but there comes a point where we just go with the flow. A sudden realization that an intense abrupt emotion will not bring anything good. That all things settle in time. There will be times that it feels as if nothing is working for you but you remember that in a time of difficulty like this you are still lucky. We just learn how to accept what is for us and respect what is not for us. With whatever life may throw at us now, we know that we will carry on, and carry it on great!

Find what is fun. For You.

The year 2020 has tested everyone’s mental well-being, and emotional capacity. There were times that I felt lost, sad without reason, or just plain lethargic. But I had to get up and stand up. Amidst all the chaos, we have to find our calm. In my experience, I had to find FUN. Something that will keep me from feeling sad but would also make me look forward to the weeks. What I found really FUN this year was my new found love for KDRAMAs. (Medyo malapit na din ako mapa KPOP, guys, haha!) Yes, I am part of the statistics in the increase of KDRAMA searches in the Ph during the quarantine, and really it helped me cope up. I learned a lot of Korean words, food, culture, celebrities, and we even made a living out of it. It is definitely a highlight of my year 2020.

Self-Love and Self-Care. 

It was also during the start of the quarantine that I paid more attention to myself, especially my skin. It started with a rejuvenating set my friend raved about that I tried. The main reason was that we were stuck at home, this means I won’t be exposed to the sun. Haha! I know you skincare experts/lovers would agree about that! Then eventually, I decided to continue doing it in hopes that when I would be able to go outside again, I would be fresh and beautiful. Akala ko kasi by the end of  2020 back to normal na lahat! But then, I realized that because I was at home, I had so much time to care for myself. From taking a long time to bathe, to doing all my 7-step Korean skincare routine, I had time to spare and I knew I deserved it. I found products that were good to my skin, and I feel great about myself. And in a year of being stuck at home, why not be stuck feeling in love with yourself. 🙂

See Opportunity in Crisis

This is not toxic positivity. I had negative thoughts during the entire year, but we overcame it. We had to, especially that we have a child, and a family to support. I felt uneasy and anxious in terms of work but my husband and I found ways to see opportunity despite the difficulty. It took a lot of guts and risks on our part, but we made the situation work for us. It was also a new opportunity for us to learn and get to know each other as individuals. We started our online Korean store which boomed for about two months, before moving to Bulacan. Though it was short-lived, we definitely learned a lot from it not mentioning the profit we gained. It was a great run, and now we are more knowledgeable in running our business so we’re getting ready for this year.

We still look forward to this year.

Being stuck/safe at home is a different experience for everyone. For us, it was exciting, and at the same time uncertain, but with family, and God we still look forward to a hopeful year. We might not be back to our usual “normal” but the “new normal” year is really one to be remembered and shared.


How’s your new normal year? Share with me your year’s highlights too!

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2 thoughts on “The Highlights of my New Normal Year”

  1. Yanpaladquisol says:

    Go with the flow lang talaga Kasi Yun Lang yung choices. Basta kasama ang family at healthy sapat na para maging happy. Same Tayo nahihilig din ako sa kdramas😊💝…
    Ang dami din talagang nag boom na business ngaun Isa na ang mga K-pop items… Happy 2021 ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Bessie Ramos says:

    Halos pregas tayo mommy ng 2020. Looking forward this year na matapos na lahat ng pagsubok sa mundo . Mawala na ang virus

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