Why Moms should Blog

For the past weeks, or should I say months, I have been contemplating on the question I wrote in the title of this blog. Why do I blog, or should I say why should Moms blog?

For a quick history, I started blogging when I was in college but took it seriously when I became a mom. I found a community who taught me a lot of things about blogging and sharing my journey as a mother. It was a great community and I found great friends through it. Since then, I found a new world of motherhood through a blogger’s lens. But it isn’t always fun and positive, I’ve encountered situations and people that made me question the real reason why I blog. Why I share my experience, and even made me doubt the value of what I share. But let me tell you, why you should blog despite of all these not so fun moments.

You are your own mother.

In a world where comparison is the thief, we have to remind ourselves that we are our own person. We are our own kind of MOM. If you like to let your children play with gadgets, then it’s fine. If you don’t want to let them use gadgets, it is fine as well. Whatever decisions you make as a mom, makes you who you are and that’s totally F.I.N.E. As a popular saying goes, You DO you!

It’s not always what it seems. 

I admit that sometimes I get intimidated or demotivated with stuff I see in the internet. It makes me question who I am and my success. I realized however, that just like how I post on my social media accounts, IT IS NOT ALWAYS WHAT IT SEEMS. The laundy isn’t always done, the house isn’t always in it’s top shop, our kids are not always on their best behavior, and we moms also have our meltdown days. But blogging has given us a lens to see what is good, to share what is positive. To make our fellow mom, get up and go. To make them feel that we are here, and that there are times that we also need our fellow moms. So blog, away, no one is expecting us to be perfect, anyway.

It contributes to our individuality.

I think one of the many struggles of women who becomes a mother, is a lost of who they are. They are points              in our lives that we forget who we are, besides being a mother. I for one, had thoughts about that before when            my kid was still small. I would ask myself who I was then, aside from being a mother to my child. Aside from              taking care of him, who was I really? And though I am a mommy blogger, I don’t just write about my child (I              actually rarely do write about my son), but I write what matters to me. Makeups, beauty, travel, and some                    mommy tips, but when I look at my past blogs it is about WHO I AM. Yes, I am a mother, but I am also my                  own person.

It is our own sanctuary.

My blog is my own world. I get to escape my real world into my written words, and into my social media accounts. Everytime I feel down, I get a glimpse of my blog and my pages and realized there are people who still like a little version of me that they see in the internet. This little place in the internet is my sanctuary. I have let out a lot of boiled up emotions, expereinces, triumphs, and joys through this blog. And for what its worth it has formed new dreams, and new hopes for me. With every word I type in, and for every courgae I get when writing my heart out, I feel safe. I know that in this blog, I can be who I want to be. Through it as well, I know that I can achieve my dreams, like a new home, a new laptop, a chance to speak to other moms, and little by little I am able to do it.

So, yes I encourage you to write and start a blog. We are mothers, and our stories deserve to be written, read, and heard! 🙂

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