Weekend Activities to Keep the Whole Family Entertained

How do you spend the weekends with your families? Are you running out of ideas to keep the entire family entertained? I bet you do, especially now that we are stuck at home 24/7 and it sometimes feel that everyday is the weekend. Today on the blog, I’ll be sharing some weekend activities you can do to keep the whole family entertained.

  1. Have a picnic.

This is such a fool-proof activity to keep everyone engaged. You can even do it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just about any time of the day. Before setting up your picnic area, why not involved the children in creating the menu, and cooking the meals or snacks you’ll be enjoying. We once tried doing a recipe we all wanted to try and it was really fun for all. We made the recipe together, decorated our own food, and enjoyed our picnic set-up in the garden. It was also a good way to practice our imagination and creativity by pretending that we are on the beach while drinking our favorite summer drinks. Easy to do, and such a filling activity for all.

  1. Play board games!

One of the activities that my son looks forward to during the weekends is playing different board games. It is the only day that we can spend hours playing his favorite board games without any distraction. Of course, it is only in the weekends that I don’t have work so we can discover new board games and play them all day long.  Board games are a good source of learning moments for our children while they are having fun. They learn about critical thinking, problem solving and most importantly, sportsmanship. There are times that the rules are hard to understand for the children so it is a great way for parents to teach and instruct them the rules of the games. Plus, it limits their screen time during the weekends, right? So, look into your old board games, card games, or any childhood games you played before and teach them to your kids this weekend.

  1. Have a movie marathon

Watching a movie is always a good idea, right? What we do at home is to list down movies they want to watch during the weekends, and then pick a choice for the movie weekend night. I also allow them to stay up late during the weekends, so a movie is a perfect fit for that. To make it more interesting, we made movie tickets, and prepared snack stubs for everyone. But it was a week long preparation, as they had to draw the tickets and food stubs, and save up money for the snacks. So what we did was they gave a peso for every snack they ate during the weekdays. Then once everything is consumed, we use the money collected to buy snacks for our movie night. It was great as it was a way to make them learn about money and business, right? Simple financial literacy at an early age is a must nowadays, and this activity does that. Imagine, you watch a movie, or movies, had snacks and learned about money and business as well. Three birds with one stone, right?


  1. Stay outdoors.

We are really lucky here at our province that we have space to do physical activities together without the fear of catching the virus. We have inflatable pools, DIY slip ‘n slide, and camping activities during the weekends where we spend it in our rest house. So, choosing a home with wide area or space is also a key factor in choosing a real estate property. I realized how important space is in children because this is where they get to explore their surroundings and move and discover the wonders of their body. We are also able to play different sports like volleyball, basketball, soccer, and many more because we have the space for it. Thus, if I ever buy our own house I would choose a property that’s big and spacious just like Halton Real Estate. Those kinds of properties are my ideal and dream homes.


  1. Take the WEEKEND off.

You know how sometimes we try to put as many activities as possible into our weekend so we can say we spend a lot of time with our children or family? I realized that sometimes it is also okay to spend a weekend off. What do I mean by it? It’s where we just relax and rest. Do nothing all day but just spend it with our family, on bed, on the couch, or wherever. There are times when I feel really lazy and wake up late and just cuddle with my child for an hour. Then eat our breakfast together, lounge in the couch, eat our lunch, took a nap, and casually converse about anything under the sun. This may be too simple but it is a good way for us to get to know our children and other family members. My husband and I enjoy our time together just drinking coffee or any favorite drink and let the hours passed. Such days are days to live for, don’t you think?


What other activities have your family done to keep yourself entertained during the weekends? Share them with us. 😊

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