Kleenfant Baby Wipes: Our Choice of Baby Wipes

Yes, I know, my son’s seven years old, but yes you read the title right! We have a new choice for baby wipes and that is our recently discovered Kleenfant Baby Wipes. Though my son is already a gradeschooler, I can’t really be relaxed or unconcerned about his cleanliness and hygiene. But even if my child is no longer a baby, I still make sure that what I use in his skin is safe and not irritating.


So, we discovered this new baby wipes, KLEENFANT BABY WIPES just a few weeks ago. As a consumer, I consider the ingredients and sensitivity of a product. For me, it is important that the ingredients used are safe, natural, and clinically tested. I wouldn’t want my child’s skin to be damaged or irritated so it is important for me that it is hypoallergenic.

Kleenfant Ingredients

What I really love about Kleenfant Baby Wipes are the ingredients. I found out that one of the ingredients which is Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract protects the skin from damage of free radicals. This is because it has aloin which  can block out up to 30% of ultraviolet rays when applied to the skin’s surface. This mean that our child is protected from the sun, so its perfect for their outdoor play. You can find out more about the benefits here: Benefits of Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract

Another great thing about it is that it is enriched with Vitamin E which is again good for the skin. Now we are assured that the wipes are gentle on our baby or kids’ skin. Vitamin E moisturizes and smoothens the skin so its really gentle on our baby’s delicate skin. It also has no alcohol which will not dry up and damage the skin.


Scented and Unscented Variant

Another thing I love about Kleenfant is their scents. I have used baby wipes before that have overpowering scents and I really don’t like strong scents. I’ve tried wipes that smell like alcohol, or fruits which I really don’t like smelling in my child’s skin. Luckily, Kleenfant has an unscented variant which I really like because it just smelled clean. I though I would prefer it over the scented variant, but I was surprised that even the scented one smelled like baby powder. I love how it was made to smell like a natural scent of babies. Not too much but not lacking as well.

Moist and soft sheets

We all know baby wipes are wet but have you ever tried one that is too wet? Ughhh. Like dripping wet when you get it from the packaging? Well I have and its not really a pretty sight. Or have you tried a wet wipes that dries out easily? Such a waste of money!

And this is what make Kleenfant different from others. Their sheets are perfectly moist and soft plus it doesn’t dry up easily. The sheets are also thick which gives it more cleaning power. (Haha, if there’s such a thing!) But I just noticed how I am able to clean more of it than the thin ones I used.

So, overall, Kleenfant is perfect for me and my seven-year old son. As much as I allow him to play outside, mess around, and just be a child, I also need to make sure he is clean, safe, and happy. With Kleenfant, I am confident that I have a product that fits our needs and care for my child’s skin.

For more information about Kleenfant, like their official facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/kleenfant

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