Nano Singapore Multivitamin Gummies for Kids and Adults

So I have a new discovery as I have been searching for a multivitamins that’s complete and enticing for my kid and my aging parents,too. Since the pandemic happened, I had a new appreciation and need to make sure my family takes our vitamins daily. However, one of the challenges I have is making them take their vitamins. I have to make sure they get to drink their vitamins everyday and it really takes an effort especiall for our aging parents, right?

Luckily, I discovered Nano Singapore’s Multivitamin Gummies both for Kids and Elderly. Yes, you read that right, they also have a gummy vitamins for the elderly! So before I rave about it and my experience with this multivitamins, here’s a bit of information about it.


Nano Singapore Wellness Innovation is the Singapore’s Favourite award-winning wellness brand that provides effective and affordable beauty and health supplements. Their line of products are all FDA Approved, GMP certified, 100%natural ingredients, and with 101% customer satisfaction. They have a wide variety of supplements in Singapore from general health, heart and joint health, sensory and reproductive health, weight management and so much more. Their bestsellers include the Weight Loss Supplement – Lean Body Formula for those trying to find a smart and healthy way to experience healthy weight loss journey. It contains 5 Powerful Natural weight loss ingredients with Fast Acting Formula to support healthy weight loss and slimming. And guess what, it is even recommended by the famousDr. Oz.


So for about a week, my son and I have been taking Nano Singapore’s Multivitamins Gummies. I love how my son sees it as a candy because of its a gummy. It also taste like candy and so I don’t need to prompt him to take his vitamins everyday!! YEHEY!!

Nano Singapore Kids Complete Multivitamins Gummies

It is packed with 13 complet Multivitamins and minerals enriched with 5 powerful vitamins (A,B, C, D and E) that boosts kid’s immunity ang health. It also promotes healthy vision and brain. It’s a good choice for a multivitamin for kids.

Nano Singapore Elderberry with Vitamin and Zinc Gummies

This triple immunity support contains Vitamin C and Zinc and Elderberry Singapore that supports health. It is also an antioxidant  support and promotes healthy skin and healthy immunity.



I think this is the first time I have encountered a gummy multivitamins for adults. Even my aging parents love taking this supplements as its so easy to consume just like a candy. literally! I love how it is so convenient and easy to take. I don’t need to remind my kid or parents to take them as they do it on their own because of its gummy feature. I am also assured that there are no addedd GMOs, Soy, wheat, gluten and preservatives in our supplements. No wonder, Nano Singapore was voted No. 1 in All-natural products by Natural Health 2019 as they have very innovated supplements not just for kids but also for adults.

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