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It has been more than a year since we started working from home, and I could say this is one of the most challenging adjustment I had to endure. Working from home takes a great deal of effort into creating a workspace and time blocks at home. With all the household chores, child rearing tasks, and homeschooling, working at home can really be stressful. In keeping my mental well-being in check, I make sure to de-stress at times with activities I enjoy doing. I make time for activities that are fun, light, and does not require to much effort on my part.

One of the ways I destress, when working at home and mommy duties overwhelm me is play games online.  I’ve been doing this ever since my college days and it keeps my mind clear from my schoolwork. I love how simple online games can calm me down and recharge me so I can go back to work and duties.

Two months ago, I came across an online game site called Ever since then I have been playing online games there whenever I feel exhausted from work, overwhelmed with homeschooling, or just destressing.


What is Plays.Org?

Plays.Org is a site that offers free and fun online games which can be easily played using any browser. It is founded by an “eccentric self-employed fulltime webmaster that works in web development”. But ultimately, the founder loves playing games and wishes to use as a venue for people in lockdown to have bits of fun and play.

It surely feels like this site was made especially for me. This is because I love Online Games but I don’t have the luxury of time nor the energy to play games for a long period of time. So, the collection of games in Plays.Org is a perfect fit for my personality.

Collection of Games

Using the site for almost two months, I can say that there is always a new game to explore and discover. I mean literally! There are times that I would play after two days and see new collection of games again. This truly makes it exciting on my part as I see new games every time which makes it really engaging for me. Enough about me, and more about Plays.Org’s collection.

Here are the Ten (10) Game Collections you can choose from:

  1. Player Favorites
  2. Awe Shoot!
  3. Cartoon Games
  4. Education
  5. Sports Games
  6. Arcade Classic
  7. Retro Pixels
  8. Pinball
  9. Base Defense
  10. Simulation

Each game collection has more choices for you. It really is an endless pit of online free games, and it’s sooooo fun! There are classic games that brought me to my childhood days, and new cartoon character-based games that are so entertaining. But, of course, my favorite collection of all is the Simulation Games.


My Favorite Games

Mentioning about the Simulation Games, I’d like to share my favorite simulation games that I played countless times in the site. I love these kinds of games because it helps me focus on just the game which for a work-at-home mom is a real help. It makes me clear my mind from all the worries or anxieties I have ang just concentrate on the game, achieve my goal and move on to the next level.

Top #1: Tap Supermarket

It is a grocery store simulation game where you just need to tap on the different areas of your grocery to serve your customers needs. It has three basic functions: quickly check out customers, keep the store stocked, and expand the stores’ inventory line. What I love about it is its such an easy but quite challenging game as it requires focus and quickness. But as a mom, I love the concept of a grocery store and the idea of having my own business. It also is so easy to go up a level so it is encouraging to play.

Top #2 Open Restaurant

I am a fan of a popular online game about restaurants and this game brought me back to it but minus the frustration. (haha!) I love how simple the game is and how the level of difficulty progresses. I am challenged with the levels because the game is continuously played, so the way to check if you move to the next level is by looking at the cash side. I also love how its all tapping game. Though I’d think it would be better if the tapping is much more sensitive. I don’t know but maybe it also has something to do with my internet or laptop. Haha!

Top #3 Education Collection

It’s not me who plays with this collection, but it is my favorite as I love how my kid can play while learning. One of the things I try to lessen with my child is his gadget use, but because I have to work as well sometimes I have no choice but to let him play with his gadgets. So to address this, I give him time to play at Plays.Org with the Education Collection. Mind you, one of the games, which is the Zombie Typing is part of his homeschool computer curriculum. How fun is that, right?


General Insights:

I love the site! Let me list down the things I love about them:

  1. Easy games. Anyone can play it, even children and oldies.
  2. I don’t need to download it on my laptop or pc. It’s all web based so I don’t worry about viruses or memory and storage.
  3. The collection is wide. I have a lot of choices to play with and even the entire family can play with it.
  4. The colors and display are awesome. It has enticing colors, characters and graphics are really beautiful. It makes even more difficult to choose from all the games
  5. For a mom like me, I love how there are games that areducational. Now I have a go to site for my kids when they want to play online games.


Aside from all these, has been my de-stress venue. I get to clear my mind and recharge myself when I play my favorite games. It is my escape whenever I feel overwhelmed with all my deliverables and tasks at work. It also makes me cheerful and back to my old self which helps in keeping my sanity in these situations. It has also become a bonding activity for me and my son when we play at

Play at Plays.Org too, and share with me your favorite games!

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