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If I ever have a dream destination to live, it would be in the “concrete jungle, where dreams are made of”, as sung by Alicia Keys, which is New York City. I think it’s a a hip and cool city to live in and it’s really as if it will make all your dreams come true. I have been to New York city, during my college days and it still is one of the highlights of my life until now. I recall walking in the streets in the morning, and at night with all the lights flashing before my eyes. I also loved eating out in different corners of the city cause they offer a wide variety of food. It was also a fun, bonding moments with my college buddies, where we got lost and couldn’t go back to our hotel. It was so funny, but really one for keeps.

Anyway, since then, I’ve always wanted to go back and live there, which is why I often search for apartments I can stay in when I get to live there. So, while searching for places to stay, I came across this site, where you can find different apartment rentals all over New York City. They also have the entire USA, actually. But because I really wanted New York City, I focused my search on it.

Zumper is used by millions of renters to find houses, rooms, condos, or apartments for rent. They offer renters and agents to post their listing on their website for easier access to their properties. It features different apartment, condos, and rental listing in different areas with different price ranges that would fit anyone’s budget. But since, there is a pandemic, I got curious as how rentals and apartments especially in the big cities are affected. It’s also quite amazing how Zumper’s site also, provided data and research on this. According to Zumper’s June rental data, rents are on the rise in a major way. Nationally, rents jumped at a staggering rate, and the cities that experienced the biggest drops in rents during the pandemic are now starting to trend in the opposite direction. To note, my dream city New York, the average price of a one-bedroom apartment is $2,570 and $2,730 for a two-bedroom unit. Not bad for a prime location in the big apple.

Why I Love Zumper

Tour the Room feature:

Whenever I look for an apartment, it is important for me to have a visual appreciation of it. Having a family, the size, number of rooms, and space of the house matters a lot to me. I also consider its aesthetic and most especially, its functionality. It is a decision breaker for me to see what I will arrive at instead of having to go physically to the unit. It makes everything fast and convenient.

You can apply online.

Renting any unit of your choice is easy with Zumper. Everything is conveniently done online. I love how services are going online, nowadays. I had an experience of having the need to see the agents and apply physically here in Manila, which is a real hassle.

Quality Listings.

It is rare that I see an apartment, a rental, or a condo that I do not like. This only shows me that they have an effective and efficient screening for renters. This shows how they value each customer that visits and uses their site.

Real Time Alerts.

It’s so easy to get new listings on your favorite spots whether it be in the big city or the bay area. It updates and alerts customers to new listings which gives customer more choices before deciding.


Renting requires careful consideration of where one wants to stay, the affordability, accessibility, and location. Knowing your dream location on where to live is one thing, but finding the perfect home is crucial. Getting a new home, is like getting a fresh new start. So, I’ll see you in New York city, soon, right?

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