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Playful Life with Kids How to Encourage Active Play in Children 1

How to Encourage Active Play in our Children

In the age of gadgets, and technology how do you encourage active play in your children? Discussions about screen time use and how children nowadays are very much hooked on

How to Create Moments with our Mama

Mother’s day is done. I’m sure most of you spent it with your mom’s last Sunday with them. But how do we create moments with our mama every day even

Playful Life with Kids Easy Playdough Recipe 1

Easy Playdough Recipe

Play dough is one of the toys that every child should be able to play with. It is very versatile and can stimulate one’s imagination. Here is a simple DIY

Playful Life with Kids DIY Moon Sand Sensory Tray 1

DIY: Moon Sand Sensory Tray

Flour is really a versatile kitchen ingredient that you can use to teach and play. One of my favorite DIY that uses flour is a MOON SAND. I love its

Playful Life with Kids Easy Toy Soldier Sensory Bin 1

Easy Toy Soldier Sensory Bin

My son is interested in soldiers. Before he turned five, he became fascinated with the army. Consequently, it led us to an easy toy soldier sensory bin. We created it

Playful Life with Kids January Play Challenge 1

January 7-Day Play Challenge

I finally got to write about the blog’s January Play Challenge. This has been long overdue, but I just can’t seem to get the groove back into writing. But because

How your Choice of Diaper affects your Child’s Early Experiences

Did you know that your choice of diaper actually affects your baby’s early experiences? I learned this as our family has grown again with two beautiful babies from my older

PLK 7 Day Play Challenge

Over the Christmas break, I had a lot of time thinking of ways to reach out to more people and promote playing with their children. I advocate for more playtime

Feel the thrill of the Magic on Ice

Master Illusionist Steve Wheeler is in Manila for his one-of-a-kind show, Magic on Ice until January 1 at the SMART Araneta Coliseum. The shows offer an amazing combination of ice skating

Playful Life with Kids Blog My "Me-Time" Skincare Routine 1

My "Me-Time" Facial Care Routine

Every Friday or Sunday, I make it a point to the spa to have my facial care routine. But when I say spa, I don’t mean those expensive spa centers