Playful life with Kids Palo or Not to Palo 1

Discipline in Kids: To Palo or Not to Palo?

When children grow and start to gain their independence and personality, one of the many issues most parents face is Discipline. Discipline in kids includes one of the usual dilemmas

Playful Life with Kids Beginning 1

Playful Life with Kids Beginnings

Hello there, Playmates! Okay, so having a little ball of energy for a toddler, I find myself hanging out at playgrounds and kid-friendly places most of the time. Whenever I

Playful Life with Kids DIY: Surf and Swim Themed Birthday Party 5

DIY: Surf and Swim Themed Birthday Party

It’s already less than a month before my son’s first birthday and I’m so excited to share with all of you our Surf and Swim themed birthday party. We chose