Playful Life with Kids DIY: Easy Baby Shower Invite and Games for Boys 4

DIY: Easy Baby Shower Invite and Games for Boys

As you may all well know, I love DIY projects. Currently, I am looking into ideas for baby shower invite and games for boys. I remember having lots of baby

Playful Life with Kids January Play Challenge 1

January 7-Day Play Challenge

I finally got to write about the blog’s January Play Challenge. This has been long overdue, but I just can’t seem to get the groove back into writing. But because

Cooking Goals with Tough Mama Appliances

This year, one of my most important goals is cooking. Fortunately, my cooking goals are easier with Tough Mama Home Appliances. I want to be able to cook healthier foods

Playful Life with Kids Future Learn: Free Online Courses for Everyone 1

Future Learn: Free Online Courses for Everyone

Last Friday, I posted about a new online course I am taking in Future Learn. I have a lot of spare time these months so I wanted to learn a

Playful Life with Kids Blog Commenter of the Month February 1

Blog’s Commenter of the Month: February

Hi everyone! I am now launching the blog’s commenter of the month this February. I thought of doing this so I can start writing more consistently and stop procrastinating. Plus,

Playful Life with Kids DIY: Army Themed Birthday Party 1

DIY: Army Themed Birthday Party

Last year, my son turned five and wanted an army themed party. Almost every other year, we throw a themed party for him. He was very interested with soldiers, so

Playful Life with Kids Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid: Your Eco-Friendly Cleaner

Bubble Man: Your Eco-Friendly Cleaner

I discovered that my favorite dishwashing liquid, Bubbleman is an ECO-FRIENDLY cleaner. Although I  have been using it before but have not paid attention to its eco-friendly content. Read more

Playful life with kids Keeping your home safe 1

Home Insurance: Keeping your Home Safe

As I shared with you all in my recent post about our home goals this year. That is why I read more about homes, and real estate properties and came

Starting on our Dream Home: Investing in Real Estate Property

For the five years living in a condominium, hubby and I have been talking about starting on our dream home. We have been thinking of investing in real estate property

How your Choice of Diaper affects your Child’s Early Experiences

Did you know that your choice of diaper actually affects your baby’s early experiences? I learned this as our family has grown again with two beautiful babies from my older